Anderson’s Waterfall Cave Expedition

Welcome to Anderson’s Waterfall Cave, more formally known as Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Adventure. This adventure company and jungle lodge provides tons of some of the most fun, extreme, and beautiful local tours possible in Belize, and your group is lucky enough to take one of their most popular adventures, the Waterfall Cave Expedition. This thrilling eco-tour will take you hundreds of feet under the limestone mountain ridge above and allow you to explore the River Cave safely.

Enjoy the six different waterfalls within as you and your group take on this challenging and intense, but very much worth it, tour course. See amazing crystal formations and historic ancient Mayan ceremonial centers hidden inside the cave chambers, a truly misty and magnificent region that sheds some light on local Mayan mystery. One thing before you embark on this adventure, though: be sure to wear comfortable and slip resistant climbing shoes if at all possible and wear comfortable clothing to get down and dirty in the depths of the cave. 

The adventure will take you hiking, rock climbing, waterfall climbing, and even pool plunging. It will take about half a day, the Waterfall Cave tour beginning with a brisk 20 minute hike through the jungle, cave exploring, explanations of the found tracings of Mayan rituals and history, and rappelling, climbing, and even jumping off of the 6 waterfalls within the cave system. If you don’t want to end your adventure by jumping off the waterfalls, have no fear, you can also be lowered by belay. You will finish with another three kilometer hike through the forest and a ride back to the outpost.

Be sure to check on cancellations often, this cave deals with flooding and high water levels quite often! This is truly the best way to start your Belize adventure, and is considered by both locals and tourist alike as one of the most exciting, scenic, and memorable eco-touring experience while here! 

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