Breaking Travel News: The Fate of U.S Monuments

The fate of some major U.S monuments may be at risk in the near future, as the Trump Administration is making several noteworthy changes to the rules, boundaries, and importance to some of our most vital U.S protected zones and monuments.

Some people are a little concerned with the changes, both for the sake of the monuments themselves and for the overall acceptance of making such huge changes to such historic parts of our country's culture.

These changes may affect travelers visiting these areas, as well. For instance, travelers may be affected by certain changes made in boundaries of these monuments when it comes to recreational and commercial fishing and even hiking.

So far the administration, with the encouragement of Interior Secretary Zinke, has already modified two monuments and plans on modifying 4 more in the near future. Bears Ears is reducing in size by millions of acres, and Gold Butte and Siskiyou are up next, among others.

Certain Native American Tribes and Conservation groups are taking legal action against Trump saying the changes are a violation of the U.S Constitution and Antiquities Act of 1906. Some of the tribes involved include Hopi, Zuni, Ute Mountain, and Navajo Nation.

What do you think about the changes?

Do you think it is okay to alter previously set rules regarding U.S Monuments?


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