Branson Zipline

ZipliningBranson Zipline

Located 7 miles North of Branson on the masterfully conserved Wolfe Creek Preserve, Branson Zipline is a great way to incorporate both science and adventure into anyone’s getaway. The local wildlife is undisturbed and adventurers are more than likely to see deer through the trees, rabbits or small critters in the underbrush, or possibly even bobcats shifting slyly in the shadows, hunting in their natural habitat. Observation decks look out over the rolling hills and green landscapes, gift shops stock traditional souvenirs and homemade Amish gifts, and there is also a gemstone mining station for those who wish to pan for gold or search for an elusive and possibly valuable stone.

Several different tours are available ranging in excitement and duration from the guided safari hikes through the forest, to their famous zip line tours, or even a free fall zip line experience. There are five tour options in all with the most inclusive being the Canopy Adventure Combo including eight ziplines and 10 suspension bridges. Because of safety reasons, only 12 people are allowed on this tour at a time and there may be weight restrictions though any age is welcomed. The Ozarks Xplorer Canopy Tour and the Flying Prospector are also options with fewer zip lines and shorter tours.

Activities are perfect for family reunions, getaways, retreats, birthdays or even wedding parties. Everyone is sure to have a marvelous time zipping through the Ozark Mountains, soaring above the trees as if they were birds. Every tour begins with a short presentation and training session on zip line safety and then the group is guided through the forest to different points depending on the tour. Scientific facts on ecology and geography are included in every tour to teach about the local landscape while weaving it entertainingly within a fictional story.

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