Beyond South Beach: 7 Stimulating Miami Sensations

Bright sunny beaches, marine wildlife, Cuban and Caribbean influences, and jungles of subtropical wonderlands make Miami, Florida, the place to be for an adventure! Miami offers a variety of entertainment, sunny beaches, and vibrant community life making it the perfect choice for a graduation celebration trip, class trip, field trip, or group trip. Miami’s appeal begins with its year-round sunshine and 76-degree average temperature, the perfect climate to make the most of its many beaches, which stretch over fifteen miles! But besides the beautiful beaches, Miami offers many habitats for nature lovers, history lovers, food lovers, and all-around culture lovers! Here are seven of our favorite sultry, sandy, and stunning Miami sensations!

  • Freedom Tower - What was once the headquarters for Miami News (1925), as well as the center for Cuban refugees from 1962-1974, is today the historical jackpot for Miami, the Freedom Tower. Explore this 255-foot museum inside a richly ornamented decorative beacon, both a display of Miami Art +Design as well as the Cuban American Museum.
  • Safari Edventure - In southwest Miami-Dade county you can discover five acres of wildlife bliss as you see over 200 animals and 100 native and exotic trees! See 100 different species from five different continents, 90 percent of them rescued or rehabilitated. Learn about and pet kangaroos, lemurs, emus, arctic wolves, mata matas, or perhaps take a River of Grass boat tour!
  • Biscayne Bay Tours - Catch a ride with Miami Grayline as you embark on an hourly departing Biscayne Bay tour, providing the absolute best Miami skyline vistas. See celebrity homes such as P. Diddy’s in Millionaires Row, historic landmarks such as Fisher Island, or culturally important sites such as the Miami Beach and cruise and cargo district, all from the comfort of the open upper or enclosed lower decks.
  • Seaquarium - Science and local marine biology come to life in this 38 acre Virginia Key Island oceanarium in Biscayne Bay. See sea lions, endangered sea turtles, manatees, and so much more as you participate in Miami marine life conservation and education. Save plenty of time for the underwater Sea Trek Reef Encounter, 18 aerial rope course Sharky’s Sky Trail, or the 10,000-gallon stingray touch pool.
  • Coral Castle - See what took local eccentric Edward Leedskalnin 28 years and 1,100 tons of coral stone as you explore the beloved outdoor sculpture garden, Coral Castle. Started in 1923 and located in Leisure City, this all stone wonderland was made with only hand tools (and determination) and contains a nine-ton gate that can be pushed with the touch of a finger and an all-stone Polaris telescope!
  • Jungle Island - Welcome to the interactive zoological park on Watson Island built-in 1936, Jungle Island. Here you can explore 22 acres of "theme park" containing 3,000 different animal, bird, and plant species. Check out the 300 plus birds, including the rare Cassowary, twin orangutans Peanut and Pumpkin, or 135 miles of winding trails containing rare tree species such as the African Sausage Tree.
  • Bayside Market - Enjoy some serious shopping as you roam the two floors, 230,000 square feet of festival marketplace in downtown Miami known as Bayside Marketplace. See why 15 million average annual visitors have been making this trek since 1987, the market offering everything from 98 Coast to Wet Seal, not to mention some of the best local food, live music, culture, and unimpeded seaside views.