Best Wine Festivals Around the U.S.A

Connoisseurs and food lovers rejoice, we have found our top choices for the best wine festivals around the U.S., and trust us, you aren’t going to want to miss out on a single one!

From South Beach to the Rocky Mountains, the lush islands of Hawaii to the bustling streets of New York, we have found what we consider some of the biggest, most popular, and most wine-filled festivals here in the United States. Grab your wine glass and hit the road!

  • South Beach Wine and Food Festival - February 22-26
    The South Beach Wine and Food Festival, co-sponsored by the Food Network and the Cooking Channel, takes place annually every February. During the event, you will be immersed in a "national star-studded 5-day destination event," an amazing experience that pairs some of the world’s most renowned wine producers with culinary personalities and chefs. You will be tasting some of the greatest wines and spirits in southern Florida with over 65,000 other guests, making it one of the largest wine festivals in North America! Enjoy over 80 events during the festival, each amazing aspects of this "world-class wine, spirit, food, and fun" festival!
  • Zinfandel Experience - February 25-27
    For the 25th consecutive year, Zinfandel is setting up shop in the San Francisco Bay Area for a "diverse selection and celebration of wines and spirits." This is a great wine tasting experience for both new and seasoned wine lovers, as well as a detailed look (and taste) into the evolution of wines and spirits in this area. Zinfandel itself is a featured brand, but there are several more, this event being the "largest single varietal tasting of its kind." See the area’s top wine producers and enthusiasts in the historic Bently Reserve, or the more modern Pier 27 setting overlooking the San Francisco Bay.
  • Charleston Wine and Food Festival - March 6-9
    The Charleston Wine and Food Festival is a springtime wine-lovers must, a massive wine and food festival with a southern twist happening every March. During this fun festival, you will find over 80 events total to take part in, each featuring the "distinct flavor of Low Country and it’s cooking." Enjoy sommelier talks, regional wine tastings, and formal dinners throughout the 3-day festival, all within this historic and truly charming southern city. One of the best ways to enjoy the city and the festival is to check into a local bed and breakfast, adding all the more charm to your stay!
  • Taste of Vail - March 30 - April 3
    Head to gorgeous Vail, Colorado, to what many people consider to be North America’s most popular mountain resort where over 30 of the area’s finest chefs alongside the finest winemakers gather for the annual Taste of Vail festival. This festival brings together some of the nation’s top vintners and shows guests the true "Vail lifestyle," and the ever-evolving food and beverage scene in Colorado. Enjoy fine food, fine wine, and even finer scenery among the mountains of snowy Colorado!
  • Austin Wine and Music Festival - April 25-27
    The Austin Wine and Music Festival is a staple in the wine lover’s community, a 3-day popular event in Texas that involves a lot of great wines and great live music. Enjoy incredible concerts and the fares of several local wineries, with a total of over 40 different demonstrations and tasting sessions from the experts. Mingle with the chefs, party by the stage, or even watch taco duels as you explore all the great artisan food, wine, beer, and spirits within what is considered to be the fifth-largest wine-producing state in the entire country (everything is bigger in Texas!).
  • California Wine Festival - July 17-19
    Everybody knows that California is the home of truly great wine, and each spring and summer they showcase that with two different California Wine Festivals. One takes place in O.C. each April 25-26, and another in Santa Barbara, July 17-19. In both festivals, you can taste hundreds of samples from the state's very best producers, a total of over 300 different vendors! Sample gourmet and local foods such as cheese, oils, and bread, and enjoy live music and silent auctions as well. Don’t worry, there are spit buckets and rinse water galore!
  • Hawaii Wine and Food Festival - October 14-30
    If you can find a way to the lush tropical island paradise of Hawaii this October, do so because this wine and food festival is seriously worth it. Considered to be the "premier epicurean destination event in the Pacific," this 3-weekend, the multi-island festival brings together over 100 internationally renowned chefs, culinary personas, and wine and spirit producers for tastings, cooking demonstrations, and even excursions to local farms, fisheries, and wineries! Enjoy this little taste of local life on the island, from the food to the people to the wine!
  • New York City Wine and Food Festival - October 16-19
    Later in the year if your wine glasses are feeling empty head to New York City for their annual Wine and Food Festival. Taking place on October 16-19 in both Manhattan and Brooklyn you will find the area’s finest winemakers giving great tips on pairings, aging, and storage! There are over a dozen main events that take place during this festival, not to mention all the iconic New York scenery you will be seeing along the way! Head to a local bed and breakfast for a truly great festival experience, just be sure not to miss the Grand Tasting on the Hudson River Pier on the last day of the festival! 

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