The Best Hotels for Bookworms

There are very few things in this world that beat a great book, a great room, and great views, especially when you add in your own private beach, complimentary wine tastings, and lodging that looks like Harry Potter's dormitory!

On this list you will find our top eight choices for bibliophilic paradise, each lodging option providing something unique, luxurious, or over the top as far as books, libraries, or literary themes go! Don't forget your reading glasses!

  • Sylvia Beach Hotel - Newport, Oregon
    Head to Newport, Oregon, to see one of our top choices for book lovers' lodging, the Sylvia Beach Hotel. Located in an iconic powder-blue structure on a 45 foot bluff above the beach, this hotel has no TV, no phone, no WiFi, and no problems with reading the day away. There are 20 different literature themed rooms inspired by classic or contemporary authors such as Agatha Christie, Mark Twain, J.K. Rowling, Dr. Seuss, Shakespeare, Tolkien, and John Steinbeck. Get ready to disconnect in the best way possible!
  • The Library Hotel - New York, New York
    Manhattan’s most famous concept luxury boutique hotel offers its bibliophilic guests 10 floors of rooms with decorations and themes based on the Dewey Decimal system. Enjoy such themes such as oceanography, love and sex, mythology, and technology, as well as the convenient 24-hour guest reading room. True book lovers should also enjoy The Library Hotel’s close proximity (only six blocks) to the main branch of the New York City Public Library.
  • The Study at Yale Hotel - New Haven, Connecticut
    If you need to seriously study, take an intellectually intense vacation, or you simply feel the need to read, then you will love New Haven’s own Study at Yale Hotel. This is the perfect place to "rest the mind and relax the body," a stylish and sophisticated hotel on campus that provides each guest with nooks for reading, soft leather chairs, a desk, a feather-topped bed, a personal study area, floor to ceiling bookcases, and unbeatable panoramic campus views. You’ll love the 24-hour Lobby Cafe and its surrounding bookcases, each filled with readings from the famous Strand Book Store from New York.
  • The Jefferson - Washington D.C
    Step back in time for this next bookworm lodging option, The Jefferson, set in a 1926 Beaux-Arts style building filled with just as much interesting history as books! This structure was turned into a posh luxury hotel in 1955, with a great location just 0.8 miles from the White House. Enjoy culinary and spa delights before you check out the extensive onsite book collection signed by authors who have stayed here. This concept, the Book Room, was designed after Thomas Jefferson’s own Monticello, today containing everything from Bono to Bill Gates.
  • Vive Hotel Waikiki - Oahu, Hawaii
    It’s not like you need another reason to visit the gorgeous tropical islands of Hawaii, but you may want to add this one to your list. The Vive Hotel Waikiki on Oahu is a stylish and popular lodging option located just three blocks from the beach. Here book lovers can enjoy beachside reading and their onsite recycled reads program. The Recycled Reads Library offers a wall of books through which you may peruse and borrow, given you leave behind one yourself for a future reader. Find everything from Tom Clancy to a Carole King biography, a really exciting library experience! Oh, did we mention the extensively decorated Library Suite?

  • Cloister at Sea Island - Sea Island, Georgia
    Really, what can be more pleasant than a day on a private beach with your favorite book in hand? Not much, which is why we’ve included The Cloister at Sea Island in Georgia. Here you can browse the available 4,000 books on-site while enjoying the English Country house-inspired lodging and library, created in 2006. The collection holds stories from all around the world, and the hotel comes with access to a five-mile private beach. You can also sign up for a literary dinner while here, an exciting opportunity you won’t soon forget in which the staff reads aloud in costume, the delicious and uniquely themed food also being a novelty.
  • The Commons Hotel - Minneapolis, Minnesota
    In Minneapolis, book lovers will find the well-known Commons Hotel, the "hip redbrick hotel" located on the university campus. Here you will enjoy a seriously well-stocked library in which you can borrow books all day long, or opt-in for the "on-call book butler," bringing you your favorite book straight to the door! This spot is a seriously fun place where you can unleash your own "inner geek in a chic, modern setting."
  • The Heathman Hotel - Portland, Oregon
    Back in Oregon, you will find another truly spectacular literary lodging by the name of The Heathman Hotel. This establishment, created in 1927, is today a high-end landmark in downtown Portland, a well-known hotel that owns rights to its very own literary curator. Inside you will find several different autographed editions of books, over 2,700 different editions signed by various Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, Laureates, and even former presidents. Did we mention that they serve you wine each evening in the library while you are perusing or reading?