America’s Strangest Summer Celebrations

Start planning your summer trips now to get the best deals and the most options at all of the major hotspots, but look no further for the most unique group travel tours in the country!

If you’ve got a hankerin’ for some under appreciated vittles you can rekindle that acquired appetite with a heaping helping of possum stew at the Wausau Possum Festival in Florida! Possum auctions, possum ice cream, even a possum parade soaked in bluegrass tunes on a hot afternoon await you in Washington County! If your team is going to take the route of undesirable foods, then your US tour itinerary must include the Roadkill Cook-Off and Festival in Marlington, West Virginia! Possum is nothing next to squirrel gravy, porcupine stew, turtle soup and stuffed bear sausage!

If a more out of this world experience tempts your tour group, the Roswell UFO Festival in Roswell, New Mexico is celebrated by skeptics and believers alike surrounding the 1947 flying disk crash, one of the most debated mysteries of the 19th century! If you want to stand out here, don’t apply the green face paint and foil attire.

Close by over in Chandler, Arizona, “team travel” takes on a whole new meaning. You’ve seen horse races, maybe you’ve even seen dog races, but ostrich races are a guaranteed first at the Ostrich Festival in Tumbleweed Park! Whether strapped to the birds in chariots or simply hopping on their bare backs, the ostriches give it their all to disengage their riders as they hop, spin, tumble and race down the track! For an even more dangerous race, the Warrior Dash takes place in multiple cities throughout the year and each one is equally treacherous. Multiple miles of mud, fire, ropes, trenches, nets, pitfalls, hills, platforms and water challenge runners to a daredevil serving of obstacles fit only for a warrior, and so participants are encouraged to dress as such!

Though it takes place in March we just couldn’t leave this last one out in Nederland, Colorado, the annual Frozen Dead Guy Days has got to be one of the strangest trips in the USA. A very chilly resident sparked this morbid celebration, the cryopreserved body of the late Bredo Morstøl who actually died in 1989 is kept here in an endless supply of dry ice and is now affectionately referred to as “Grandpa Bredo.” Taking full advantage of the frigid conditions, visitors may enjoy coffin racing, ice turkey bowling, costumed polar plunging, nitrogen ice cream, a hearse parade, brain freeze contests, frozen salmon tossing, Rocky Mountain oyster eating, racing into frozen solid apparel, snow beach volleyball, snowball quick draw, even a look at Bredo’s mausoleum-shed!

If your vacation ideas were lacking in eccentricity, consider spicing up your plans this year with some of the weirdest parties on the continent! See you there!