The 9 Best State Fairs in the U.S

There is one American summertime tradition that we all probably take part in at one point or another in our lives: state fairs!

These annual events are all about food, fun, and family traditions, and they tend to be the biggest festival gatherings in each state. While you probably think your state's fair is the absolute best (cough cough, Missouri State Fair), the truth is there are some clear winners when it comes to the biggest and best state fairs in the U.S. Here are the 9 top choices!

  1. State Fair of Texas
    Everything is bigger in Texas, especially the state fair!!Attendance: 2.3 Million
    Date (2018): September 28 - October 21
    Food: Sausage on a Stick
    Big Event: Pig and Ostrich Races and Chili Cook-off

    Texas State Fair

    Texas State Fair

  2. The Big E
    Representing 6 total New England states (Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusettes, Vermont, New Hampshire), this Eastern States Exposition is one of the largest in the U.S! Attendance: 1.3 Million
    Date (2018): September 14 - September 30
    Food: Key Lime Pie on a Stick
    Big Event: Wine and Cheese Barn

  3. Iowa State Fair
    This popular fair 70 'foods on a stick', a larger than life butter sculpture contest, and one of the highest attendances in the U.S.

    Attendance: 1.2 Million
    Date (2018): August 9 - August 19
    Food: Shrimp Corndog or Bacon Wrapped Riblet on a Stick
    Big Event: Butter Sculpting Contest

  4. California State Fair
    Sacramento hosts this Western U.S state fair, with over 55 delicious food vendors in attendance and an always highly anticipated local Brewers Fest. 

    Attendance: 650,000
    Date (2018): July 13 - July 29
    Food: Jack Daniel's-Soaked Churros
    Big Event: Brewers Festival 

    California State Fair

    California State Fair

  5. Ohio State Fair
    An intriguing Old Beard and Mustache Competition tradition, deep-fried pickle chips, and donut sandwiches topped with BBQ pork await! 

    Attendance: 900,000
    Date (2018):  July 25 – August 5
    Food: Sloppy Donut - BBQ Pork Donut Sandwich
    Big Event: Old Beard and Mustache Competition

  6. Minnesota State Fair
    There are two major things to enjoy here at the Minnesota State Fair: food and agriculture! Be sure to try to find the state fair mascot, Fairchild the Gopher!Attendance: 1.8 Million
    Date (2018): August 23 - September 3
    Food: Comet Corn (Caramel and Liquid Nitrogen)

  7. Tulsa State Fair
    With over 1 million guests each year, it's safe to say the food, rides, and concerts are top-notch here at the Tulsa State Fair!Attendance: 1.2 Million
    Date (2018): September 27 - October 7
    Food: Maple Bacon Funnel Cake
    Big Event: Corndog Classic 5K Run

  8. Wisconsin State Fair
    Wisconsin is the land of cheese, which you will find plenty of here at the fair! You will also find a K-9 Sports Arena and America's original Cream Puff!Attendance: 1 Million
    Date (2018): August 2 - August 12
    Food: Original Cream Puff
    Big Event: K-9 Sports Competition

  9. Great New York State Fair
    Syracuse hosts the country's oldest state fair, with over 70 competitions, 63 rides, and numerous big-name concerts.Attendance: 1.2 Million
    Date (2018): August 22 - September 3
    Food: Deep-fried Breakfast
    Big Event: New York Wine and Cheese Festival

Must Mentions:

Missouri State Fair - Sedalia - Agriculture at it's finest and some of the best corndogs in the U.S! 
Eastern Idaho State - Blackfoot - Bull Riding and Bacon Donut Burgers...yes, please!
North Carolina State Fair -Raleigh - Extensive Ag education and excellent firework shows represent this state.