6 Winter Destinations on a Budget

With the holiday season approaching, many will start thinking about what gifts to give their loved ones -- but have they considered a winter getaway as a present for the whole family? Believe it or not, planning a trip as a present can end up being more affordable than buying gifts for everyone -- especially if you choose one of these budget destinations! Here are some great destinations you can travel for cheap this winter.



Before spring ushers in the highest amount of visitors, Orlando tries to keep its tourism up by offering the best deals of the year in winter! Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Legoland and more all slash their prices this season, making your group trip as affordable as it can be! And you don't have to worry about the weather being too cold for amusement parks, as Orlanda stays up in the 50s and 60s throughout the winter. If you really want to go all out, there are even huge discounts on Orlando Flex Tickets, which get you into all six amusement parks in the area.


Costa Rica

Because winter is a rainy season for Costa Rica, prices on airfare, stay and activities are cut down to nearly nothing to keep visitors coming throughout the year. The rain doesn't have to be a downer, though -- many say this is the most beautiful time to see Costa Rica, as the landscape is as green as it will be all year long. Ask us about combination deals, as many top lodging destinations can offer airfare and stay for a great low price!


Colorado Ski Resorts

We know what you're thinking -- "Wait, wouldn't this be the most expensive now?" Nope! Many Colorado lodges take advantage of the favorite winter pastime of skiing and offer tons of great deals to hook you in, especially right around the holidays. Keystone in particular is a big family favorite destination, as they offer free skiing for kids all year long! A city-wide pass can even get you into multiple resorts to test your ski skills on all types of mountains.


Napa Valley, California

While you may not be visiting during the peak of Cabernet Season, a trip to this California paradise in the winter can be just what the doctor ordered to escape the winter blues. With temperatures that stay moderate year round, you won't have to bundle up while you stroll through miles of wineries and fields. Because it's off season, you'll have access to the top restaurants and wineries that normally require reservations months in advance. A slew of sales on all lodging and airfare for this area is the cherry on top of a perfect affordable winter getaway!



The best-kept secret for visiting Bermuda in the winter is catching Restaurant Week, where chefs from the finest restaurants on the island prepare full meals at fixed prices that anyone can afford at all levels! Many hotels also offer "free night" options, where you get a bonus night's stay to keep up with all the warm weather activities. Luckily, Bermuda stays perfectly balmy and breezy year round, so you can escape your snowy U.S. city and hang out on the beach in the dead of winter.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This world-class ski destination doesn't necessarily have to break the bank. Jackson Hole resorts offer tons of "ski free" options included in the price of lodging and airfare, while others even throw in free equipment rental! If you aren't much of a skier, the resorts also offer adventure-style packages, where you can explore the region's wildlife, go snowshoeing, sledding, or snowmobiling.