6 Tips for a Healthy Flight

If you or your travel group are headed home or beyond by airplane, then this article is for you! With the outbreak of hair-raising viruses and the onslaught of flu season, how is it possible to not come in contact with sick folks on a little plane? In fact, studies show that individuals are 100 times more likely to contract a common cold from a carrier on your flight rather than during everyday life on the ground. There is nowhere to hide from the circulation of air through the plane, sneezing, coughing and bumping of shoulders crawling with gross pathogens. An even worse culprit? Low humidity levels. But there is a way to fight! If air travel is unavoidable, here’s some of our best viewer submitted tips for staying healthy this season!

1. Keep your nostrils moist! This sounds strange, but a nasal solution or mist and even steam from your coffee aids in the combat against germs. Dry mucous membranes result in a compromised immune system. A dab of Neosporin in each air passage can keep bacteria from spreading as well.

2. Hydration! Practice drinking a comfortable amount of water before and during the flight to prevent dryness. Water is a natural way to boost your immune system and ensure it functions properly.

3. Seasoned travelers swear by taking vitamins prior to the trip to maintain optimal strength against germs. Don’t skip the Vitamin C if you choose this route.

4. If getting up all through the flight to wash your hands doesn’t sound feasible, count on alcohol-based hand sanitizer and or wipes to disinfect yourself and your space.

5. Use your air vent. Open it to blow away any germs headed your way in the stale air.

6. With one in five passengers contracting colds after inflight encounters, this final tip is solid gold: bring the funny looking facemask and wear it!