5 U.S Celebrity Chef Dives

Whether you are a food junkie or a Food Network junkie, you have probably wondered what it would be like to dine with the stars, so to speak. Emeril Lagasse has to "BAM!" somewhere after all, and Gordon Ramsay can’t just get furious with his line cooks in London alone. For just that curiosity, Group Travel has comprised a list of the 5 most famed, familiar, and fan-filled celebrity chef dives across the United States. While they are mostly pretty pricey, the food and fanfare you’ll receive while dining in one of these legendary restaurants are worth it, and hey, you may even see the man (or woman) behind the food depending on where you are!

CUT - Las Vegas, Nevada
Wolfgang Puck -

When you’re in Las Vegas your senses are accosted with many different choices of things to do, especially when it comes down to finding the right thing to eat in this huge culinary melting pot. To make your choice a little easier, head over to CUT, the AAA Four Diamond-rated steakhouse by Wolfgang Puck. This eatery is widely recognized as one of the most sought out in the world, raising the bar within the fine dining industry and gaining high praise from publications such as LA Times, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and Bon Appetit magazine.

Located in the Palazzo Hotel Casino, this upscale bar and lounge seats 160 in the restaurant, 60 in the bar, and gives you the perfect vantage point for people-watching. Try the famous Wagyu Beef, NY Sirloin, Japan braised Short Ribs or any of the famous cocktails or appetizers. You’re truly going to love this bold and innovative steakhouse featuring France’s best dishes, and one of the best chefs in the world, Chef Wolfgang Puck!

Morimoto - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Masaharu Morimoto -

The Iron Chef himself can’t be wrong when it comes to food, and neither can his personal restaurant in Philadelphia, Morimoto. Masaharu Morimoto is widely known for his part in the Iron Chef series and competitions, a culinary mastermind that is respected throughout the world. Here you will see him in a sleek, color-changing setting, a cutting-edge eatery that serves contemporary Japanese cuisine with traditional accents. Gourmet Magazine has named this one of the best U.S. restaurants, and it is consistently ranked as one of the hottest spots to dine in Central City.

The glass and colors of the interior provide a striking and serene design that is matched only by the traditional dishes with their modern flair. There is a highly popular sushi bar, as well as dishes such as Toro Tartare, Tuna Pizza, and Whitefish Sashimi. There is such a broad spectrum of flavors here, it is easy to see why it ranks so highly. Check out the Mezzanine Lounge for that perfect pre-meal drink, such as the popular Sakura (sake based cosmo).

Mesa Grill - Las Vegas, Nevada
Bobby Flay -

Back in Las Vegas, more specifically in the grand Caesar’s Palace, you will find another celebrity chef gem at the Mesa Grill. This modern Caesar’s Palace eatery offers Bobby Flay’s best-grilled dishes like his highly popular spice-rubbed pork tenderloin. This hyped TV star offers iconic bold southwestern flair and has made Conde Nast Traveler's Hot 100 list for his cuisine. There is a large exhibition kitchen for observation within, open spaces abound, rich colors, and vibrant textures everywhere throughout this American Southwest style eatery.

You will taste the most tongue-tingling dishes, complete with the highest quality tequila and mezcal and expansive wine list. The 8,000 square foot, three-tiered dining establishment begs you to stay for a while and try its famous dishes such as Tiger Shrimp and Roasted Corn Tamale or Lobster Tacos. The drink menu is phenomenal as well, offering the best margaritas in the U.S. and a Mesa Pisco Sour that will knock you on your feet. Enjoy the fantastic cuisine of the French Culinary Institute graduate’s personal menu, and delight in the chance to see him make it for you himself!

NOLA - New Orleans, Louisiana
Emeril Lagasse -

BAM! you’re here, in Emeril Lagasse’s very own culinary work of art, the NOLA in New Orleans. This casual and funky eatery at the heart of the French Quarter was created in 1992 and has since received critical acclaim for fusing traditional Creole, Acadian, and Southern cuisine with global influences. Emeril works closely with partner chef Brian Mottola here, and their innovative menu showcases rustic Louisiana nicely with local ingredients abound and ethnic twists galore. Some say this food is so good, it’s almost sinful!

Within this three-story warehouse space, you will find an open-action kitchen, Chef’s food bar, and signature wood-fired brick oven. While lunch is only served here on the weekends (dinner nightly), you’ll quickly forget all your worries as you taste the Pork Cheek Boudin Balls or Duck Confit and Fried Egg Pizza. The drink menu is out of this world as well, serving some of the best-handcrafted cocktails in the whole state. This creative, modern style Louisiana food in its casual and inspiring serving space is BAM good and will definitely leave you wanting more!

Maze - New York City, New York
Gordon Ramsay -

If you find yourself hungry in the Big Apple, have no fear, Gordon Ramsay is here! London, a stylish hotel in the heart of the New York Theater District, hosts a truly unforgettable culinary experience with this elegant hotel eatery, the Maze. Maze offers upscale French cuisine designed by a Michelin Star chef that America and London alike can’t get enough of, Gordon Ramsay. As one of the most talented chefs in the world, it is no surprise that he offers tantalizing fare that showcases French-influenced seasonal cuisine.

Inside Maze, you will find a casually sophisticated space designed by David Collins that is reminiscent of a buzzing London pub mixed with a fine London dining experience. Here you can have breakfast or cocktails at any time of the day, after work or after pilates, or you can come for a four-course tasting, Thanksgiving dinner, or one of the famously shared plates. Try the Octopus Arrabbiata, Seared Jerk Snapper, or maybe a good ole’ fashioned London Burger you can get "so raw it’s still moving!", or maybe well done if that’s more your pace.