5 Most Popular Eco Trips to Take this Summer

One of the most increasingly popular types of group trips to take lately at our company, and in North America in general, is an Eco Trip!

It’s easy to see why these trips are so popular, they are the ultimate combination of fun, education, and sustainable travel. You will have the chance to explore the pristine wilderness, wildlife watch, cruise, and even camp (or glamp in an eco-lodge). There is no better feeling than experiencing the benefits of green travel, whether you are an eco-junkie or just a vacationer.

Another major bonus with eco-travel? All options are extremely group-friendly!

  • Audubon Summer Eco Cruise
    When: June-August

    Where: Manhattan - Jamaica Bay and Brothers Island
    Pier 16 Departure Zone

    What: Bird Watching

    - Great views and great bird watching opportunities await on this Audubon Summer Eco Cruise, one of the most popular eco experiences in the New York area.  Choose from such options as Jamaica Bay, popular for the NY Harbor Falcons, Brothers Island, Egret Colonies, or Hoffman and Swinburne, with views of the statue of liberty as well as Little Blue Herons.
  • British Columbia Expedition
    When: Year-Round

    Where: Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

    What: Green Vacation Opportunity, Wildlife Watching

    - Canada is a highly underrated natural vacation destination, British Columbia, in particular, holding our client's interest as far as sustainable travel destinations go. The Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort provides guests with ‘off the beaten path and sustainable’ lodging, named one of the top ‘Unique Lodges of the World’ by National Geographic. Explore and enjoy pristine rainforest at the Great Bear Rainforest reserve, a great place to spot sea lions, migrating salmon, and the amazing off-the-grid energy sources created by this lodging. You can also take advantage of local adventure trip companies such as Maple Leaf and G Adventures for more thrill!
  • Costa Rica Adventure
    When: Year-Round

    Where: Lapa Rios Eco Lodge

    What: Green Vacation and local Biodiversity Exploration Opportunity

    - Head to Lapa Rios Eco Lodge for a vacation experience like no other, a stay at 1000 acre green reserve filled with local flora and fauna. This eco-lodge not only provides amazing views and wildlife watching opportunity, but it also contributes to the local area by helping install solar panels, water pumps, and local electricity. About 5% of the world’s animal species can be found in Costa Rica, some of them you will see yourself including howler monkeys, scarlet macaws, and various colorful tree frogs.
  • Jackson Hole Wildlife Eco-Tour Adventure
    When: Year-Round

    Where: Grand Teton and Yellowstone Parks

    What: Wildlife viewing, Sightseeing, and Photography.

    - Wildlife viewing in three different ecosystems, photography hot spots, and tons of different touring options await with the Jackson Hole Wildlife Eco Tour, an adventure that provides the very best local eco experiences. Enjoy a ride in a four-wheel-drive safari vehicle as you view moose, elk, bison, and wolves, seek out black and grizzly bears for photography, and even have lunch on the Snake River or Jackson Lake. Choose from ½, Full Day, or 2-5 Day journeys year-round!
  •  Alaska Wildlife Safari
    When: June 1 - September 10

    Where: Anchorage - Denali
    Riverfront Lodge, Bear Camp, Denali Wilderness

    What: National Park Wildlife Viewing and Sightseeing

    - Alaska is one of the most naturally beautiful places in North America, an eco-destination known around the world for its wildlife and wilderness. You can see more than just the Northern Lights on Great Alaska’s International Adventure Vacation, you’ll also see ‘bears, Denali, and much more’. Flightsee, spend two days in Bear Camp, glacier cruise, hike, and even stay in a popular Riverfront Lodge. This is ‘end of the road’ green touring at its best, so don’t miss out this summer!