5 Best Baseball Cities To Travel To

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There is nothing better than sitting in a jam-packed stadium full of dedicated fans during baseball season, especially when you are rooting on your favorite team, especially when you are in a city with plenty of travel and attraction opportunities.

These are what we at Group Tours consider to be the top 5 Baseball Cities in America, each providing the best in fans, stadiums, rivalries, and city attractions. We can send you to any, just be sure to contact us soon to get your tickets!

  • St. Louis
    Cardinals Nation comes in first place as the best Baseball City to travel to, leading the pack with arguably the best fans, best stadium, and best city attractions (and some would strongly argue the best team). Take in a game at Busch Stadium, consistently voted one of the best stadiums in both aesthetics and in fan attendance, the latter never being under 40,000 fans each home game. Some of the most promising rising players come from this team, and the fans are some of the most ‘respectful and knowledgeable’ (Travel Channel). After the game, see the St.Louis sites, the most popular including the Arch, the Anheuser Busch Brewery, the Riverfront, City Museum, and not-too-far-out of town Six Flags amusement park.


  • Chicago
    Everybody knows that Chicago is legendary when it comes to baseball cities, with both the Chicago Cubs and White Sox representing the area. Midwest rivalries abound, these two teams bring in the other most disputed ‘best fan base’, a highly passionate group of people who will stick to their teams through thick and thin. Wrigley Field itself is a wealth of city history and culture, and U.S Cellular Field does its part as well. In Wrigley you will find the iconic brick and ivy outfield walls, always a big selling point for this stadium. This summertime city is also chock full of fun things to do before or after the big game, including the surrounding Wrigleyville area, the Navy Pier, Lake Michigan as a whole, Deep Dish Pizza eateries abound, and endless entertainment options.
  • Los Angeles
    This ranking actually includes two major Cali teams, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Anaheim Angels. Fans around here grab their Angels Thundersticks and Dodger Dogs and enjoy some of the most followed West Coast baseball teams, both sometimes considered ‘hidden gems’ in the MLB world. The 1962 Dodger Stadium in Chavez Ravine is just 30 miles from the celebrated Angels stadium in Anaheim, both cities offering a bevy of nearby attractions. We suggest LA for an attraction visit, with the TCL Theatre, Santa Monica Pier, golden California Coast, and Hollywood all nearby.
  • Boston
    86 years of heartbreak has led to a city full of the most dedicated fans in baseball, Red Sox fans. Here Red Sox fans have held on tight for several years to get a big win, finally happening in 2004. Fenway Park is a carnival-like atmosphere outside the field, tailgating and partying scattered throughout the parking lots. The 103-year-old stadium is surrounded by absolutely amazing attractions, the immediate area surrounded by bars, restaurants, and various vendors representing the best of Beantown. Hit the Freedom Trail, Boston Common, and Duck Tours before you hit the road!
  • New York City
    Of course, we can’t forget New York City as one of the absolute best baseball cities, famous both for its teams and for its surrounding attractions. Home of the Yankees and Mets, NYC is a hotbed of rivalries, dedicated fans (maybe too dedicated), and serious baseball fever overall. Yankees fans enjoy being the owners of 27 world championships, and Mets fans boast having arguably the ‘most well known’ smaller size stadiums, Citifield iconic across America. There is definitely no shortage of things to do around the city, from Central Park and the MET to Broadway and the Highline.

Must Mentions:

  • Kansas City
    Since their big World Series win in 2015 the fan base for this Show Me State team has only increased from what was a stronghold, to begin with, a major group of fans making themselves and this team known nationwide. U.S News calls this top choice a ‘small town, big heart(ed)’ city with even a couple American League Pennants to their name. The city itself gives off unbeatable Midwest charm, amazing bbq, blues history and culture, and great shopping. This is one choice that has the crowds saying ‘Show Me Great Baseball’!

    Credit to KC Convention & Visitors Association (2)

  • Hot Springs
    While this city isn’t a home for any major baseball teams, it is the most historic place for baseball players and fans in the U.S. In Hot Springs you can follow the Historic Baseball Trail and learn all about Arkansas' role in baseball in general, this spot being the very first to establish Spring Training (Cubs) in this health and recreation-focused town. In 1886 baseball teams starting flocking here for the spa elements and training grounds, the area holding a total of 5 different fields. The city itself provides excellent attractions, from the springs to outdoor zip-lining adventures.
  • Milwaukee
    All we need to say about the Milwaukee Brewers is in this video. How can you go wrong with Brews and Sausage Races?