4 Reasons You Should Visit Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Arkansas is a veritable paradise when it comes to natural beauty, historical information, and quiet vacation hot spots.

Located just 12 miles west of the state capitol in Little Rock, Pinnacle Mountain State Park was set aside for public use in 1977 and includes 2,351 acres of diverse, beautiful, natural habitat that are just waiting for you to explore them!

Here are four excellent reasons you won’t want to miss out on this travel opportunity!

Environmental Education - Pinnacle Mountain State Park is dedicated to environmental education and provides many opportunities to help visitors and students understand man’s relationship to the environment.

There are many interpretive programs offered within this park, such as boat and canoe educational tours, interpretive hiking trails, and the popular on-site Visitor Center. Within the center, you can see many different exhibits, audiovisual presentations, and rooms such as the Discovery Room and Native Plant Gardens room that help further educate guests. You will even see a 71-acre arboretum that contains native flora that represents the state’s six natural divisions and teach details about each!

Outdoor Recreation - The options for outdoor fun are practically endless here! You will have the chance to explore the gorgeous natural riverside and mountainside beauty of the park in many different ways, be it the over 40 miles of trails or the many different boating options.

Take advantage of the picnic sites, the boat launch ramps, the horseback riding trails, the hiking trails, or the mountain biking trails. You can also boat, canoe, kayak, swim, or fish along the riverside, or take part in any of the regularly scheduled interpretive programs. Seasonal events such as the Fall Star Astronomy party, Paws on Pinnacle, and Wild Women Wednesdays are often available to help keep your recreation options plenty!

Natural Preservation - The park is highly dedicated to natural preservation, with many on-site interpreters and volunteers helping keep up the diversity of the habitats within the large park. The Visitor Center maintains the Native Plant Gardens Room as well as the Environmental Education Pond and Arboretum, each playing a huge role in park preservation and conservation in general.

You are really going to appreciate the amount of time and effort visibly put into preserving this park to its fullest!

Unbeatable Sites and Unforgettable Memories - The cone-shaped peak that serves as a dramatic national landform and regional landmark attracts visitors from far and wide. You will see everything in this park from cypress-lined streams to rocky mountaintops, from the bottomlands along the Maumelle Rivers to the high upland forests.

The Pinnacles themselves rise up 756 feet from the floodplains, about 1,011 feet above sea level in total. The park is nestled within wooded hillsides, lush lowlands, clear waterways, and a gorgeous panoramic view of the Ouachita Mountain Range, what more could you ask for? Be sure to bring a camera with plenty of film on your visit, you aren’t going to want to miss a minute of this state park!