2-Day Sacramento Sightseeing

2-Day Sacramento Sightseeing

Day 1 You'll See:


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers park ranger Heather Wright leads students from Maple Elementary School on a nature hike at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center.

  • California State Capitol and Museum
  • Sutter’s Fort
  • Sacramento Zoo

Day 2 You'll See

  • Effie Yeaw Nature Center
  • Hornblower Cruise 

Day One

California State Capitol and Museum - If you are seeking in-depth information about the state of California in regards to history and lawmaking be sure to save time for this stop, the California State Capitol Museum. Located within the home of the California State Legislature since 1869, this museum will provide your group with the unique opportunity to see both the history of California during its monumental development as a statehood, and the present going on's within its current lawmaking process.  A guided tour of the building will show you historic offices, legislative chambers, and artwork, the entire tour also providing information on the building’s architecture and design itself.

Sutter’s Fort -  The oldest restored fort in the United States, Sutter’s Fort, is an excellent stop to make for local history, cultural insights to the area, and hands-on learning experiences. This Midtown Sacramento gem is within the larger Sutter’s Fort State Historical Park, the entire area a testament to John Sutter’s contributions to the area as well as the California Gold Rush boom in general. John Sutter created this spot as 19th-century agriculture and trade colony, a spot he called New Helvetia (New Switzerland), in 1839. This popular local trade spot became a haven for immigrants, though unfortunately it was overrun by gold seekers less than a decade after establishment.

Sacramento Zoo -  From humble beginnings in 1927 to a sprawling success today,  the Sacramento Zoo is certainly a spot your group will want to consider during your city journey. This animal haven is located within William Land Park and holds just over 500 animals today, the zoo starting out with a mere 40. The ‘Little Zoo in the Park’ now represents over 120 different species, the animals inside including several natives, endangered, and rare species.  Stop by and see the mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and ‘animal ambassadors’ all throughout the park, the latter of which participate in stage shows, wildlife encounters, and travel through Zoomobile.

Day Two

Effie Yeaw Nature Center - To experience some natural bliss within the bustling urban Sacramento head to Effie Yeaw Sacramento Nature Center, one of the best spots in town to experience local nature and wildlife. This nature center is full of educational exhibits, indigenous animals, and nature trails, the entire site a part of the 100-acre American River Parkway Nature Preserve. The preserve is full of riparian and oak woodlands, meadows, aquatic habitats, and shrublands, plus, of course, plenty of wildlife.

Hornblower Cruise -  Entertaining, educational, and exceptionally scenic, a Hornblower Cruise in Sacramento is never a bad idea for any type of group. These fun cruises take your group along the river and provide you with some of the absolute best riverfront views in the city, and that’s saying a lot! Choose between the Historic Riverboat Cruise or the Educational Sacramento School River Tour, each option providing your group with top-notch local history, the subjects of early settlement, the Gold Rush, and the Pony Express all discussed in an exciting way. You will see such major city historic sites as the Delta King, I Street Bridge, Tower Bridge, and Air Force docks, plus a great general view of Old Sacramento.

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