10 Ways to Reduce Living Expenses and Save More For Travel

Many find travel intimidating not due to the time off, the planning, or the packing -- but because of the price. It's no secret that travel can get expensive, and we understand the worry of spending too much on a trip. There are many ways to save during travel, but how about saving up for the big trip? Here are 10 ways to reduce living expenses and save more for travel.

1. Cut back on coffee and lunch. Try to buy large quantities of coffee at home to make each morning, and invest in a good mug to bring to work or school with you. For lunch, always pack! It's okay to treat yourself to a lunch out every once and a while, but don't make a habit of it. Packing lunch from groceries you already have is a great way to save up.

2. Drive less. If you have a bike, try taking it out for shorter errands to the grocery store or gas station. For longer rides, always try working out a carpool situation, so that you're splitting the gas charges.

3. Cut the cable TV. In 2015, there are so many great resources for streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, that you really don't need to be paying the high cost of cable TV. Another way to curb your TV craving is by gaining a new hobby that will take over the time you used to spend watching cable.

4. Borrow books and movies. Have you been to your local library lately? Most branches carry just about any book or movie you could imagine, and you can order from other branches when what you want is out of stock. Save that $1 from Redbox and borrow your DVDs!

5. Buy your clothing second-hand. Thrifting is the new norm among younger generations, so it's time to keep up with the times! Second-hand stores are popping up all over the place, and your money will go a lot farther there than at the mall. You'll have to dig a little deeper than normal, but you're sure to find some great treasures.

6. Only let yourself go out once a week. If you've got the party bug, and love spending a night out on the town, designate that one night a week so you aren't tempted to participate in Tipsy Tuesdays, Wine Wednesdays or Thirsty Thursdays. Keep it for the weekends!

7. Reduce your utility bills. Take shorter showers, do bigger loads of laundry, and never leave the sink running to save on water. Turn the A/C off and open up some windows, or put on a sweatshirt in the house in the winter to save on gas and electric. And never, ever leave any lights on before you leave for work or school!

8. Do take-out instead of sit-down restaurants. The savings aren't huge on this one, but if you hate cooking and the temptation is strong to eat out, this route will save you from tipping 20% of your meal cost.

9.  Cut coupons! Those giant stacks of coupons you get in the daily paper aren't just for kindling fire anymore -- get out your scissors and go to town on all the savings inside. It may take an hour or so out of your day, but it'll be worth it when you see the savings at the store.

10. Grocery shop at your local dollar store, discount store or generic brand store. High-end grocery stores can run your bank account into the ground with their huge costs. Tell your taste-buds to knock off the snobbiness and visit a store that sells only generic-brand foods. You'll be absolutely amazed at how much food you can get at a fraction of the cost you'd spend elsewhere.