10 Tips for Faultless Business Travel

Business travel can be hectic, from finding the perfect deals on flights to haggling rental cars upon arrival and everything in between. Packing right, dressing right, and preparing right all play a huge part in your overall business trip experience, and we have the perfect set of tips to help you get through it all, the right way!

So next time you set out for that big conference or meeting, give this blog a read and make sure you are prepared! (We suggest saving this info for later upon reading, it really will be helpful in preparing to travel).

  1. Be Versatile - Be ready to go out and explore

    Of course, your whole time isn't going to be spent in meetings, so be sure to pack leisure clothes and going out clothes, not just business attire. Packing layers, T-shirts, and tennis shoes is always a good idea for walking and getting around in general, and you will probably need more casual going out clothes for drinks after that big deal you make!

  2. Dark Colors  Hide those Stains

    One of the biggest tips we have gotten regarding business travel that even we use at Group Tours when attending conferences is to pack and wear darker colored business attire. This will allow you to avoid any last minute stains or mishaps, further allowing you to still be prepared at all times. If you must wear white, be sure to bring a Tide or Bleach Pin.

    Business Travel - Luggage

    Business Travel - Luggage

  3. Pack Right - Short Trip vs Long Trip

    Always use a combo roller, and always have two sets and/or two plans for packing based on the length of your trip. Short trip? Grab your smaller suitcase and carry on and pack the essentials. Longer trip? Grab the heavy duty roller and be sure to pack all the clothes, technology, toiletries, and shoes you need.

  4. Tennis Ball it - Fight Stiffness and Boredom

    This is an unusual but surprisingly helpful tip for longer trips: pack two or three tennis balls. Rolling tennis balls in hands, under feet, and even under your thighs can prevent soreness and stiffness, and even boredom by keeping your hands and feet occupied. Plus, tennis balls don't take up much room in a carry-on.

  5. Global Entry Status- Skip long Customs Lines 

    If you hate waiting in long customs lines (and who doesn't) you need to get Global Entry Status. This travel perk especially comes in handy with frequent business travelers, allowing pre-qualifications for expedited customs. Skip long lines and get where you need to go faster, an extremely helpful tip if you are rushing to a meeting.

  6. Avoid Checked Bags - Avoid Hassle

    This may seem like an obvious one for most experienced business travelers, but if it's not, it should be. Checked bags give room for long waits, lost luggage, and extra hassle before you leave. Be compact and prepared by using a stacked roller suitcase and carry-on combo!

  7.  Charge(rs) - Be Prepared for Anything

    Before any sort of travel, you need to charge everything, your phone, tablet, laptop, headset, etc. to ensure you are prepared for business calls, unexpected meetings, and possible flight delays. We highly suggest investing in a portable charger as well (just be sure that is charged too), allowing you to avoid any quick battery drainage mid-travel.

  8. Jet Lag Cure - Set your Watch and Get Rest

    Jet lag affects most travelers, especially those crossing several time zones and doing so frequently. Business trips can sometimes be extremely short but very far away from your own time zone, so be prepared and beat jetlag by setting your watch to your destination time zone and setting your sleep schedule accordingly. Get a few hours of extra rest if there is a major shift in time, or try napping on the plane. If you are the type that gets more tired after napping, stay active and try a small amount of caffeine to get you through the meetings.  (Check out this great article on beating jet lag for more).

    Business Travel - Chargers

    Business Travel - Chargers

  9. Frequent Flyer Miles - Build Points and Loyalty

    Building loyalty with a specific frequent flyer rewards program or travel-friendly credit card will allow you to get the most of your travel fees, especially when it comes to upgrades and discounts. Loyalty to one brand allows quicker elite status and perks, and there are plenty of ways to track your points and miles yourself (there's an app for that). If you do take advantage of a point system credit card look for ways to gain points outside of the airport, such as grocery stores and gas stations. Grocery shopping will save you money on frequent and/or long business trips, anyway.

  10. Negotiate -  Be Nice, Get Upgrades

    This is typically a highly unknown tip for business travel: don't be afraid to ask for upgrades. If you are generally polite and dressed well you are more likely to actually get these upgrades, be it at a hotel, with rental cars, or on your flight. Be direct, be polite, and be confident when inquiring about upgrades, you will likely be surprised by the ease of getting one! Just remember, rental car locations won't quote their lowest price to begin with, and hotels are more likely to give upgrades when the front desk isn't busy.

-Some tip details sourced from Travel Channel and Business Insider

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