10 Best National Park Campsites

Camping season isn’t over yet, and we have 10 really great National Park campsites that you need to try to get to before it is!

  • Assateague Island National Seashore - Beach Camping
    Our first choice for amazing National Park Campsites will take you to Maryland’s Eastern Shore, on the Atlantic coastline itself. Here you will find an amazing barrier island habitat, over 41,320 acres of it, providing you with unique camping choices such as oceanside, bayside, and even horse inclusive. That’s right, you can bring up to 6 horses with you during your stay, but don’t worry, if you don’t own horses you will still see plenty of wild ones all along the coast!
    Site Suggestion: Bayside Backcountry
  • Acadia National Park - Recreational Camping
    Now off to Maine, specifically 18 miles from Bar Harbor on the west side of Mount Desert Island, where you will find our next choice,  Acadia National Park. This wooded 45,000-acre park provides all the best in the scenery, history, and recreation, offering on its land several mountains, lakes, streams, wetlands, forests, meadows, and historic lighthouses and roads. Enjoy Echo Lake’s water recreation options, the many hiking trails throughout the park, and being within 10 miles of the ocean at any site in general.
    Site Suggestion: Seawall
  • Voyageurs National Park - Isolated Camping
    If you are a fan of more isolated and rustic camping opportunities, you will love this option at the gorgeous and spacious Voyageurs National Park. Located at the International Falls in Minnesota, this park is one that many people get to, and around, by watercraft. Each site is equipped to handle boat docking and usage, with over 270 total, ranging from a basic tent camp to dockside and RV spaces. Have we mentioned how beautiful it is out here?
    Site Suggestion: Anderson Bay West
  • Yosemite National Park - Rock Climber Camping
    Yosemite National Park is a seriously big, in both physical area and reputation, camping spot, with several different sites and spots to explore within its boundaries. If you are a rock climber, however, you will want to head to Camp 4, the 11-acre post-WWII rock climber hangout that sits on the North Side of the valley, near the Yosemite Falls. There are 35 spots here, plus several memorials and markers regarding this as a Nationally Historic Place, significant for bringing rock climbing officially into the sports world.
    Site Suggestion: Camp 4
  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Unique Camping
    Perhaps more extreme than the rest on our list, we have a spot in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, a rustic and one of a kind camping opportunity unlike any other. Just 3 miles beyond the iconic Volcano House you will find a group of campsites sitting among a fragrant eucalyptus grove 4,000 feet above sea level. Here you can see lava stumps and chia trees as you enjoy a large, open, grassy campsite near a true Hawaii hotspot.
    Site Suggestion: Namakanipaio
  • Glacier National Park - Picturesque Camping
    Hit the road for Montana for this next option, a campsite at the breathtakingly picture-perfect Glacier National Park. 20 miles from the town of St. Mary, this national park will provide you with thick fir and pine forest, several lakes, mountains, and glaciers. Some really excellent must-see landmarks here include Logan Pass and the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road, though the 60 campsites you will want are on the east side of the park, sitting 4,5000 feet above sea level.
    Site Suggestion: Lamplugh Glacier Campsite
  • Capitol Reef National Park - Historic Camping
    Located in Teasdale, Utah, the Capitol Reef National Park is often referred to as an ‘oasis within a desert’, an orchard-filled historic land settled along the Fremont River. Both the geography and the history of this park are astounding, making for great learning adventures during any camping journey. Learn all about the Water Pocket Fold the land is sitting on, the 87-mile warp in earth’s crust referred to as a monocline. You can also learn about the historic Fremont Culture and land history of growing peaches, pears, and apples here.
    Site Suggestion: Fruita
  • Joshua Tree National Park - Astronomy Camping
    California holds another great camping opportunity within its boundaries outside of Yosemite, this time at Joshua Tree National Park. This renowned desert park is full of many different geological wonders, from iconic cliff walls and red canyon to the namesake Joshua Trees. Rock climbers, photographers, and astronomers alike all flock to this park regularly, the entire spot being the perfect place to climb and stargaze year-round.
    Site Suggestion: Indian Cove
  • Bryce Canyon National Park - Desert Camping
    If that last one didn’t provide you enough gorgeous and colorful rock spires and sweeping canyon vistas then you need to head to Bryce Canyon National Park, back up in Utah. Bryce Canyon sits atop the Colorado Plateau, specifically 8,000 feet above sea level within the High Plateau Region. This is a great spot to hike and enjoy iconic photography opportunities, settled deep within a ponderosa pine forest full of rock, shrubs, and wildflowers. Take advantage of the park-wide Canyon Shuttle, taking you to such iconic spots as Thor’s Hammer, Boulder Mountain, and Red Canyon.
    Site Suggestion: Sunset
  • Olympic National Park - Scenic Camping
    In the geographically gorgeous and diverse state of Washington, you will find Olympic National Park, one of our favorite choices for camping due to its natural beauty. Within this park, you will find rivers, old-growth rainforest, mountains, and rugged Pacific coast. When it comes to natural wonderlands, bountiful wildlife, and diversely scenic views, this is the top camping spot, in our opinion!
    Site Suggestion: Su Duc