10 Best Donut Shops Across America

Donut mania has hit America hard, our pant sizes and palettes reflecting that well.

What used to be a simple question of glazed, chocolate, or powdered donuts has turned into the constant hard decision of where, what flavor, what form, and how adventurous?

These 10 donut shops are the crème de la crème of tasty fried doughy concoctions, featuring some of the most creative, unique, and simply delicious donut creations in America from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon.

1. Voodoo Doughnuts

Portland, Oregon
(Also Denver, CO, Austin, TX, and Universal CityWalk Hollywood & Orlando)

This doughnut paradise was created by Kenneth Pogson and Tres Shannon, a Portland iconic attraction that draws lines of hungry customers daily and sends them away with satisfied stomachs and attitudes. You’ll have to try the most popular doughnuts, such as the Pot Hole Doughnut (Oreo), Bacon Maple, Portland Cream (Boston who?), and of course, Voodoo Doughnut (raspberry jelly-filled and pretzel poked). There are several more delicious choices, with new ones being invented (or designed) monthly. Try the Captain my Captain (Cap’n Crunch cereal), Marshal Mathers M&M, Bubble Gum, El Diablo (yes, it’s spicy), or Rapper’s Delight (you’re gonna be down with OPD after this).


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2. Federal Donuts

Philadephia, Pennsylvania

What can only be described as "deep-fried joy," Federal Donuts sells the perfect combination of Korean-style fried chicken and delicious donuts. This unique combination has sold out regularly since the store first opened in the fall of 2011. Try any of the ferociously fancy and ever-changing donuts, ranging from such amazing flavors as the mint chocolate cookie or lemon bar to maple bacon or spicy PB&J.  As far as the chicken goes, you will have to battle a long line to taste the Coleman Natural veggie-fed chicken, featuring an ever-rotating list of rubs and glazes. You can try such flavors as dill pickle, coconut curry, or cowboy coffee! Your stomach will seriously thank you after this stop!


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3. Pikes Peak Summit House

Cascade, Colorado

Both the views and the donuts from Pikes Peak Summit House are worth the trip, the donuts specially made for this specific elevation of 14,115 feet above sea level. Thinner air means lower air pressure, which means a lower boiling point for water. Essentially, the donuts will spoil in thicker, warmer air. The donuts are made within 'America's highest deep fryer', a Donut Robot that spits out some 700 donuts per hour, which totals more than 6,000 per day. The simple, delicious, fried wonders cost just $1.29 apiece and have been attracting hordes of hungry hiking guests since 1916.


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4. District Donuts Sliders Brew

New Orleans, Lousiana

When you think of pastries typical of NOLA you probably think of beignets first, and rightfully so, but District Donuts Sliders Brews is trying to put donuts in your mind as well! This donut haven first opened in 2013 and features daily rotating flavors of donuts, plus their constant staple flavors of glazed, cinnamon sugar, and chocolate glazed. Get adventurous and try a Girl Scout Cookie Somoa donut, or perhaps a Croque Madame sandwich, which consists of ham, egg, Havarti, and dijon mustard all on a griddled donut. Oh, and the small-batch locally roasted coffee isn't so bad, either.


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5. Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken

Chicago, Illinois

With several locations throughout the Windy City, Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken has taken over the donut scene in Chicago. Serving up 'tasty chicken, local coffee, and fresh donuts', Do-Rite really does it right! Try a chocolate old-fashioned, pistachio-Meyer lemon, or Valrhona Chocolate Cake donut, or perhaps get a bit more savory and grab a fried chicken sandwich with spicy maple aioli. Pair whatever you decide to order with Chicago's local Dark Matter Coffee for the ultimate delicious Do-Rite experience.


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6. District Doughnut

Washington D.C.

Voted Washington D.C's best doughnut 4 out of the 5 years they have been open, District Doughnut is a definite must-stop for donut-lovers near the capitol! District Doughnut first opened shop at its flagship Barracks Row location but has expanded to 5 total locations today in the DC area. Try the Goodfellow while here, with Nutella, cream, and applewood-smoked bacon, or perhaps the classics like brown butter or salted dulce le leche. You will certainly see why these donuts are the 'most beloved and awarded doughnuts in DC'!


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7. Glazed and Confuzed

Denver, Colorado

At the Stanley Marketplace in Denver, you can visit Josh Schwab's doughnut paradise, Glazed and Confuzed. Dubbed 'not your daddy's donuts', these organic ingredient-fueled fried dough creations are creative and hand-rolled, featuring fun flavors such as Breaking Banana Bread, Dinnanutelamon, and Breakfast of Champz. If you are in the mood for something a bit more savory try the Kolaches, which are beer brats, smoked cheddar, or jalapeno popper filling wrapped in the delicious donut dough.


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8. The Holy Donut

Portland, Maine

What makes the donuts at The Holy Donut so unique? These delicious doughy creations are potato-based, the mashed potato used giving it a rich and moist dough that serves as an excellent base for bold flavors. Try the pomegranate, chocolate sea salt, and signature Allen's Coffee Brandy flavors at any of the 3 locations in the area. Be sure to grab the blueberry lemon glazed donuts in the summertime, this flavor a true seasonal treat for locals.


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9. Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop

Brooklyn, New York

Open since the 1950s, Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop is located in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood. Much of the old-school nostalgia is still alive and well here, the workers still donning the original pink and teal uniforms. The donuts are still the same cheap price as well, this historic donut mainstay serving up the best red velvet donuts, toasted coconut, jelly with powdered sugar, and much more.


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10. Donut Friend

Los Angeles, California

In LA's Highland Park you will find this fun rock and roll inspired donut shop, one of the most popular in Hollywood. Donut Friend offers up really fun donut creations like the Green Teagan and Sara with Matcha and Sesame Seeds and the X-Ray Speculoos, filled with cookie butter and topped with sea salt. One of the coolest things about this place is that you can completely customize your donut! Choose your dough base, fillings, and toppings, and don't be afraid to get really creative. You want a raspberry habenero compote filled chocolate donut topped with coconut bacon? Go ahead!


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