Travel Better with Social Media

Social Media is a huge part of most people's lives today, especially for students and travel-minded individuals. There are several different ways that you can use social media to your advantage while travelling, from saving major money on a long flight to finding the nearest (and most potent) coffee shop. We all know that Facebook and/or Twitter can be useful when finding travel ideas, but these next apps take it even further and make it even easier to travel safely, cheaply, and wisely!


GoGoBot - IOS/Android

This new-ish travel app is amazing as far as useful travel tips go, an absolute wealth of travel information you will need on any trip from local weather alerts to flight opportunities and delays. This app takes advantage of peer discussion, personal accounts, and user-friendly interface. Use GoGoBot to locate accommodation, food, and entertainment through facts, user comments, and "postcards." Postcards contain images and descriptions of certain places, complete with a 1-5 star review of the area.

Foursquare - IOS/Android

Foursquare may be one of the most popular and widely-used travel app around today, an online travel planning essential! This social tool allows you to search nearby attractions based on distance, rating, or personal taste estimations. Use the home screen to search for food, coffee, nightlife, fun, shopping, deals, trending attractions, nearest attractions, and even personalized suggestions for things to do based on what you like!

Trover - IOS/Android

Trover is your social media guru when it comes to travel inspiration. This easy to use app shows users images that feature "hot," "new," and "location specific" feeds, especially taking advantage of popular hashtagged feeds, a bit like Twitter. This app shares personal experiences of individual users through gorgeous photographs, allowing users to visualize a vacation instead of straight out planning one.

HeyLets - IOS only

While this app is only available for IOS at the moment, HeyLets is an amazing social media app for those who like to plan ahead. Instead of helping you plan before leaving, however, this app allows you to plan further once something has gone wrong on your trip. Use HeyLets to find closeby destinations and activities when some plan, show, reservation, or flight has been canceled. This is a great one for quick travel decisions!

Couchsurfing - IOS/Android

This app is one of the most interesting to use in our opinion, a great student-friendly and cash-savvy way to make friends and travel for less! Use this app to find over 5.6 million hosts in over 120,000 different major cities that are willing to let you crash their couches while you are travelling! This app requires personal safety monitoring of course, but when used correctly really allows you to meet new people and let them take you for local tours, drinks, meals, or just a place to sleep!