The Force Awakens: Travel You Must!

In a galaxy not so far, far away we find the entire planet called earth submerged deep into a fandom unlike any other, a fandom which has caught fire this past weekend with Star Wars movie mania! Nearly thirty years after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, new threats to the galaxy have emerged and new heroes are needed to restore order, which means for us that an entirely new wave of iconic pop culture has once again arrived. It’s time to break out your Yoda socks, grab your lightsabers, and get ready for some serious Star Wars-themed travel tips you won’t want to miss! We have found the best Star Wars related destinations and attractions around the United States, and the world, for you to explore and grab claim your little piece of Star Wars history!

In the U.S.:

  • Star Tours - Disneyland - CA
    - Here in California, you can let your inner kid loose with Disneyland’s ultimate Star Wars experience, Star Tours. Enjoy a 3D-motion ride as you journey through iconic Star Wars scenes and amazing moments.


  • Jedi Training Academy - Disney World - FL
    - If you're aged 4-12 or have a child who is, you’re going to love this place, offering a half-hour lightsaber training academy! There are also Star Wars Weekends here in which you can catch over 50 characters such as Chewbacca and Darth Maul and get a photo or autograph with them!


  • Star Wars - Where Science Meets Imagination - MA
    - Over two million visitors have come to the Boston Museum of Science since 2005 to see the Star Wars exhibit, an exhibit that explores how real-life technologies were applied in famous films. See famous props used such as the original landspeeder while here, though check the location of the exhibit online before coming, it tends to travel. 
  • Death Valley/Redwood Forest - CA
    - Visit the sites of a few of the desert scenes from the films, or head over to the forest to see the site of the famous bike race scene in Return of the Jedi. The Battle of Endor fan sites are around this area too, and you can even find nearby maps and clues to guide you through both locations.


  • Rancho Obi-Wan - Petaluma - CA
    - Just north of San Francisco, you will find the world’s largest privately-owned collection of Star Wars memorabilia, owned by Steve Sansweet. A former Lucasfilm employee, Sansweet has put together this collection over 37 years and will give tours of his "museum" if booked in advance!


  • Yoda Statue - Presidio Park - CA
    - This great photo opportunity is located in Presidio urban park, just outside the entrance to the Letterman Digital Arts Center. See the full-sized replica of the Jedi master then head over to the Golden Gate Knights class in Leedy's Studio, a $10 course that teaches saber wielding in a martial arts fashion.


  • Legoland - CA
    - See over 1.5 million legos put together in this Star Wars-themed children's paradise. Explore the underwater scene on Naboo, Sandcrawler on Tatooine, and an Ewok trap on Endor in the impressively built mainland or see life-sized lego versions of Darth Maul, Chewy, R2D2, or Darth Vader!


Throughout the World:

  • Ruins of Tikal National Park - Guatemala
    - See the location of the rebel base of Tavin in A New Hope, located in the largest excavated site in the Americas. This place is absolutely gorgeous!


  • Sidi Driss Hotel - Tunisia
    -This $10 a night hotel is the on-screen location of Luke’s home in A New Hope, located on the planet of Tatooine. The hotel itself allows 145 guests per night, providing a cheap way to get close to a piece of Star Wars history. You should also check out the nearby Owen and Beru Lars' home and La Grande Dune, more locations seen in the film on planet Tatooine.


  • Palace of Caserta - Southern Italy
    -Welcome to the setting for Queen Amidala’s royal palace, as well as queen Jamillia's Attack of the Clones palace. This 18th-century mansion provided many royal scenes, and Villa del Balbianello near Lake Como provided the site of the marriage of Skywalker and Amidala.