Spring Break Every State

Deciding where to go for spring break can be quite the challenge, especially with a large group.

That's where we can help! Here is a list to cover all 50 States with a wide variety of activities your group can do to celebrate spring break, from beer tours to drift diving.

If you see something you like, or somewhere you like, give us a call, we'll help you customize and book your own group spring break!


Stephen's Gap by Ky MacPherson

Stephen's Gap

If the beach is your thing then try a trip to the Gulf Shores!

If you love good food and live music, right off of the beach is "The Hangout", a restaurant sure to please. If you're not interested in the beach, head to Stephen's Gap here you can walk or repel into this majestic cave and take in all of its magnificent beauty.

If you're not interested in the beach, head to Stephen's Gap, where you can walk or repel into this majestic cave and take in all of its magnificent beauty.


Goose Lake, Chugach Mountains, Alaska photo by Frank Kovalchek

Goose Lake

Not quite ready for spring? Well, enjoy the cool weather in Alaska for your break!

Grab a beer at Moose's Tooth, witness the majesty of the glaciers at Prince William Sound, visit the Chugach Mountains, trek to the Arctic Circle, or gaze upon the Aurora Borealis. Who knew there was, so much to do in Alaska?


White Water Rafting Grand Canyon photo by dancer4ever - Flickr: DSC_0062

White Water Rafting Grand Canyon

If you are looking for an adventure consider going white water rafting through the Grand Canyon or off-roading in the canyon desert.

If you are looking for something a little more relaxed, try the hot springs or an unforgettable hot air balloon ride.


Arkansas photo by Stefan Krasowski - Flickr: Crystal Bridges 05

Crystal Bridges Museum

Discover the Buckyball at the Crystal Bridges Museum of Contemporary Art in Bentonville or visit the iconic Thorncrown Chapel.

Looking for more? Check out the countless museums, theaters, and water parks throughout Arkansas: this state has plenty of sites to see!


Castello Di Amorosa, California photo by Jim G

Castello Di Amorosa

Synonymous with beaches, wineries and some of the most popular national parks, California has plenty of options for your group. One you may not know of, Castello di Amorosa, is a castle located in Napa Valley complete with a drawbridge, over 100 rooms, 4 underground levels and even a dungeon!

Not sure on a beach? Body surf the Wedge and check out the Bay Area.


Red Mountain, Colorado photo by John Fowler

Red Mountain

Self-proclaimed to be one of the first sites to feature mountain biking as a sport, the recreation filled state of Colorado is perfect for group outdoor adventure. Mountain bike Crested Butte, ski Copper Mountain, tube, whitewater raft Roaring Fork River, zip line, paraglide, and so much more!


Kent Falls, Connecticut photo by write99

Kent Falls

What is there to do in Connecticut? Visit Kent Falls or any other wonderful Connecticut bed and breakfasts or walk to Charles Island at low tide.

Connecticut is rich in history and full of great regional foods, but if you are looking for some true excitement try Powder Ridge Mountain.


Greenville Country Club photo by Smallbones

Formerly a Du Pont property, this mansion is now a Country Club.

Curious as to how you would fend in the Hunger Games? Well, maybe it's time to find out by visiting Du Pont Recreational Forest. Learn survival skills and geek out in the literary nostalgia, this is sure to bring you some unbelievable spring break stories to tell your friends.


Everglades, Florida photo by Miguel Vieira

Canoeing the Everglades

Florida is absolutely full of spring breakers this time of year, so if it is a beach you are looking for just follow the crowds. If you want something more relaxed try canoeing the everglades, exploring the swamps, or solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

Your group may also enjoy a visit to the International Space Station on the Space Coast, any of numerous amusement parks in Orlando, or snorkeling in the Keys.


Cloudland State Park photo by Jake Wheeler

Cloudland State Park

In Georgia, your group can stay in a Yurt at Cloudland State Park, a great way to experience Georgia's more natural side.

If the idea of "roughing it" is a little more than you ventured for, but you're still destined to stay away from the beach and city life, this is certainly a place to check out.



Haiku Ladder

Some different finds in Hawaii other than the amazing yet really well-known beaches and memorials for your group to explore include the world's largest plant maze at the Botanical Garden, the Stairway to Heaven hike, and the black and green beaches.

There are several observatories and walk-thru lava tubes throughout the gorgeous state as well!


Salmon River, Idaho photo by: Fredlyfish4

Salmon River

Take your group to Idaho and try rafting Salmon River for a great Spring Break adventure. This river of "No Return" is surrounded by multiple forests you may be interested in spending some time in as well!


Chain-o-lakes State Park Photo via <a href="https://www.goodfreephotos.com/">Good Free Photos</a>

Chain-o-Lakes State Park

Go on a photography excursion at Anderson Japanese Garden. There are designated times all year long when the park is closed to the public and open only for photographers use. If you're looking for something free try Wildlife Prairie State Park or any of the countless options the Chicago metro area has to offer.


Turkey Run State Park photo by: Chris Light at en.wikipedia

Turkey Run State Park

One of the only places in America you can venture through underground catacombs is Indiana. Make sure to do your research and make an appointment before embarking on your journey, the Market Street Catacombs one option that could turn a rather mundane spring break very quickly into quite the adventure.

If that doesn't work out try Turkey Run State Park.


Grotto of the Redemption photo by: Photo courtesy of Carl Wycoff / CC BY 2.0

Grotto of the Redemption

Open 24/7, the Grotto of the Redemption is the world's largest man-made grotto. It is definitely a site to see if visiting Iowa, the rich state full of small towns and big history.

This state could make for a fun trip just by crossing the state by bike, or car, and stopping at different mapped out landmarks along the way.


Chalk Pyramids photo by: Flickr/James St. John

Chalk Pyramids

In Kansas rent a place in Old Cowtown. This old-timey place is the perfect spot to not only take a vacation but go back in time as well. Saloons, gunfights,  jails, blacksmiths and dressmakers; there is a lot to explore here!

Make sure to take a day to go visit the Chalk Pyramids as well.


Kentucky Bourbon photo by: Ken Thomas

Kentucky Bourbon

Take a road trip through the Bourbon Trail... which is exactly what you think it is. For more outdoorsy (and sober) adventure take some time to climb Red River Gorge.


Steamboat Natchez photo by: Jared

Steamboat Natchez

Take a cruise on the Steamboat Natchez, enjoy an airboat ride, fish Grand Isles, or explore New Orleans' French Market.

Louisiana is quite the party town, so there will be plenty to enjoy over Spring Break.


Allagash Waterfall photo by: Shadow2700

Allagash Waterfall

Canoe the Allagash River with a whitewater canoe and enjoy the wildlife encounters all around you, which may be a little more than you bargained for!


Potomac River photo by:Steve from washington, dc, usa - Kayaking at Great Falls

Potomac River

Adventure enthusiasts: Kayak the Potomac Gorge.

Culinary enthusiasts: enjoy a seafood crawl or chocolate/wine tour.


Berkshire Village School photo by: Kendra Cleniff

Berkshire Village School

Massachusetts has a large variety of museums; contemporary art to some pretty amazing aquariums.

Let us plan some tours for you or maybe set your group up on an adventure through Berkshire you surely won't forget.


Rock Harbor Lighthouse, Isle Royal National Park photo by: Ray Dumas

Rock Harbor Lighthouse

Two words: night snorkeling.

Swimming with the fish comes much easier at night,  and you can enjoy the scenery and the sun during the day then switch gears as the sun sets to do some snorkeling. Afterward, explore Isle Royal National Park.


Morning on Silver Bay, Minnesota photo by: Flickr/Randen Pederson

Morning on Silver Bay

Stay in a haunted inn with your group here in Minnesota, or better yet your own tree house! Other cool ideas include Hallow Rock or the 'Extreme Sandbox' in case you ever wanted to duel an excavator.

If you want to stay more low key try Boundary Waters.


Natchez Trace photo by: Ken Lund/Flickr

Natchez Trace

BB&B! Let us set you up to bike across the state and stay in some great bed and breakfasts along the way in scenic Mississippi.


St. Louis City Museum photo by: sawdust_media

St. Louis City Museum

There is no place in the world like the City Museum in St. Louis, and close by you'll find the world's best frozen custard (Yes, there was a vote). Throw in the Loop, the Hill, and Forest Park you have some of the cheapest and most highly recommended places to visit you can't find anywhere else in the world.


Ice Climbing photo by: adventurejay

Ice Climbing

There aren't too many places you can ice climb and scuba dive all in the same location, but you certainly can in Montana. Explore all week at Hyalite Canyon and have your own cabin to come back to in the evening.


Sunken Gardens, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA photo by: Sunken Gardens Pavilion ⎸©Hanyou23/ wikicommons

Sunken Gardens, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

The Heartland of America Park and Fountain puts on a pretty cool show here in cornhusker territory. You will also probably come across BOB (he's a bridge), a few breweries, Gerald R. Ford's birth site and gardens, and even a pretty cool zoo.


Sand Mountain. Image © Copyright David Crowley. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Sand Mountain

Camp, horseback ride, dune buggy, off-road, take archaeological tours... it gets busy here in Nevada, so let us help you out and beat the Spring Break rush.

New Hampshire

Cannon Mountain photo by: Ericshawwhite

Cannon Mountain

Stay in a themed suite at any of the many snowy resorts throughout the state or do some skiing down Cannon Mountain, maybe even visit Flume Gorge, there is loads to do.

New Jersey

 Mercer County photo by: Famartin

Mercer County

Beyond the Jersey shore exists buried treasure, for real! There are actually multiple locations rumored to be hiding loot on their land, and lots of history behind them to boot.

Pinelands National Reserve and Mercer County are also spots to look into while here.

New Mexico

Tent Rocks photo by: Aesthetic Voyager

Tent Rocks

Go birding, check out the iconic tent rocks, explore Sante Fe's culture and culinary scene, and discover ghost towns. The hot air balloon rides in Albuquerque are pretty astounding as well.

New York

New York- Food Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights

Most people know all about Manhattan and Times Square, but rather than spend all your money sightseeing in one day, why not try eating authentic food from any country you could imagine in Jackson Heights or Rockaway Beach.

If none of that suits your fancy, try climbing the Gunks!

North Carolina

Hang Gliding Jockey Ridge photo by: Linda Rae

Hang Gliding Jockey Ridge

From white water rafting to urban legend filled tours with all the things horror movies are made of, there is plenty to explore here in beautiful North Carolina.

If you've ever wanted to try hang gliding check out Jockey Ridge.

North Dakota

North Dakota-Maah_Daah_Hey_Trail-Long photo by: Peter Schutlz

Maah Daah Hey

Maah Daah Hey is a great place to start here in North Dakota, as is recreational activities popular here such as golf, horseback riding, biking, hiking, etc. This place is a serious stunner.


Brandywine Falls, Cuyahoga Valley National Park photo by: Ken Lund flickr

Brandywine Falls

Cuyahoga National Park, National Museum of the United States Air Force, Rockwood Ice Cream Parlor, and a place entirely dedicated to the history of contraceptives: there is truly something for everyone here.


 Pops Restaurant Oklahoma photo by: Carol M. Highsmith

Pop Bottle, Arcadia OK.

Try a road trip through Route 66 or even just across the state to its most famous sites, this is a great state for an epic spring break road trip. If you don't want to be mobile all week check out the scenery at Beaver's Bend.


The Steens photo by: Bureau of Land Management flickr

The Steens

Go horseback riding in the Steens of Oregon or take your group riverside and go rafting while here.

Oregon also has the history filled end of its namesake trail (The Oregon Trail), as well as an excellent state zoo.


Poconos, Pennsylvania photo by: stillwellmike


Water sports, waterfalls and water filled amusement parks, welcome to Pennsylvania.

Spend a week at the lake or go mining for gems here, whatever you do be sure to check out the Poconos.

Rhode Island

Sailing photo by: chensiyuan

Sailing Newport

Learn to sail with your group in Rhode Island. Newport has many opportunities for the public to try out sailing so if you've never been now is as good of a time as any.

South Carolina

Hilton Head Island photo by: Seduisant

Hilton Head Island

Stay in a tree house by the river, canoe your way out to a quite cabin on the Edisto River, or spend the week relaxing amongst the gorgeous Charleston scenery.

Did we mention all the southern comfort food and charm here?

South Dakota

Mount Rushmore photo by: Photo via <a href="https://www.goodfreephotos.com/">Good Free Photos</a>

Mount Rushmore

Go with the flow in South Dakota by drift diving or road-tripping through the Black Hills. Backup plan: Mount Rushmore.


 Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain

Ruby Falls

Go white water rafting or try zip lining over a waterfall. While you are there be sure to try some Tennessee Moonshine at Ole Smoky, see Dolly in Pigeon Forge, and visit the scenic Ocoee River.


Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park

If you're an avid rock climber try Hueco Tanks in Texas, but if you need something a little less daring try exploring Big Bend National Park.


 The Narrows photo by: n4rwhals

The Narrows, Zion Canyon

Hike the Narrows, try the Alpine Coaster, then do some 4x4 off-roading. Utah is a seriously fun state, and that's not even mentioning the 4 different major national parks within its boundaries.


Vermont photo by: Flickr: compasspointsmedia

Green Mountains

Pick a mountain to hike in Vermont, there is a lot of different scenery and conditions to pick through and choose what's most appealing to your group.


Paddle Board pixabay

Paddle Board

Do some paddle boarding with dolphins (or dogs) then maybe a culinary tour or two! You can also try your hand (and feet) at rock climbing in Great Folk Park.


Grove of the Patriarchs Trail photo by: Ian Poellet (User:Werewombat) wikipedia

Grove of the Patriarchs Trail

Washington is seriously gorgeous, so spend your break going on a multi-day climb on Mt. Rainer. Be sure to book early for this one!

West Virginia

West Virginia- Penitentiary photo by: falkenpost pixabay

West Virginia

Explore the West Virginia Penitentiary and Monongahela National Forest. Also be sure to check out Harper's Ferry, each really exciting and memorable spots to spend spring break.


wisconsin-asheland-sunrise-landscape photo by: goodfreephotos

Ashland, Wisconsin

Take a Wisconsin River cruise or just simply explore the Apostle's Island Sea Caves. Night or day, these are both great Wisconsin travel choices.


Grand Teton photo by: goodfreephotos

Grand Teton

Go backpacking through Grand Teton, hike Mystic Falls Trail or maybe even enjoy a private tour of Yellowstone. There's a lot of natural beauty here, so make sure to take the time to enjoy it.

If you haven't quite found the trip you're looking for yet give us a call or check out our Best Alternative Spring Breaks blog.