Small Groups

Our company specializes in large groups, but perhaps your group is fewer than fifteen. We have resources for you too. Small groups travel for various reasons, and perhaps you’re involved with one of the following:

  • Planning a trip around a concert, conference, or specific event
  • Visiting a favorite historical or popular landmark in another state
  • Hoping to travel regionally – the best attractions for lower cost
  • Trying to fit in attractions from different cities, choosing the best route and best places to stay


If your needs fall into these categories – or any small group issues at all – we can help. You can find a lot of ideas for destinations and attractions on our website.  Beyond that we can help you book professional travel guides. The right guide can make all the difference between a mediocre experience and an unforgettable one, and we can help you find exactly that. We can also hook you up with the right transportation for your group, whether flying or by bus. Maybe you’re even looking for a driver-guide, combining your transportation needs with the added experience of a knowledgeable guide. With a driver-guide, even the road between two attractions can be an enlightening one, making the new more familiar.

If you have small group travel needs, we have the solution.

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