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Alaska: the Land of the Midnight Sun - one of the most unique and intriguing travel destinations on Earth. A magnificent, mystical place of ancient blue glaciers, winter skies ablaze with Aurora Borealis, iceberg stippled, salmon-laden waters, majestic mountains, wide open spaces, deep, dark forests, a rich and storied history and abundant wildlife – including the largest population of bald eagles in the nation and more species of carnivores than any other state. It’s a sportsman’s paradise, a photographer’s dream and a naturalist’s Shangri La.

Echoes of the past thrum quietly through the day to day in this chiefly untamed land, a sinewy cord of quiet connection lashing the present to ancient beginnings; here - everywhere you look - you’ll discover a diversity of indigenous tradition, boatloads of Alaskan-style hospitality and the essential pioneer spirit all bumping elbows with the 21st century - co-existing in a way that allows the vast wildness to remain and subsequent development to support dedicated conservation of the 49th state’s considerable resources and important heritage as our Last Frontier.

Travelers to Alaska come for many reasons: to enjoy its spectacular scenery, immerse themselves in its vibrant arts and native culture and partake of an unmatched menu of incredible outdoor adventure – hunting and fishing, wildlife and whale watching, hiking and mountaineering, dog sledding, cycling, snowmobiling, rafting, kayaking and more. They come to meet themselves outside their comfort zone; to re-connect with nature, to re-discover and satisfy their primal yearnings, to survey and explore that same untouched wilderness that beckoned the opportunists, entrepreneurs and adventurers - prospectors, trappers, hunters and fishermen in droves – to its massive stores of unclaimed wealth and held them captive in its thrall.

Its cities are welcoming and modern; the best beans and brews, the freshest seafoods and expertly prepared local cuisines, top-notch transportation and accommodations and enough to see and do to fill a lifetime of itineraries await your travel group on Alaskan holiday. Whether you want BIG excitement or a quietly satisfying sampling of local color and flavor – the 49th state has something for everyone!



Alaska Attractions

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