Niagara Falls Group Tours

If you are planning for an adult group trip, you should visit Niagara Falls. The area attracts eight million visitors each year. The Falls are beautiful. The location is rich in history, culture, outdoor life, shopping, and adventure. Visitors of all ages will enjoy this unforgettable experience. If you are looking for entertainment, Niagara Falls is the destination to visit. One of the attractions is known as the Darien Lake Amusement and Waterpark. There are forty five attractions and a waterpark. Niagara Falls State Park is another fun location to visit. It has a lush landscape and fascinating wildlife for you to enjoy. Hidden Valley Animal Adventure is a place where group members will get up close and personal with amazing animals and have an unforgettable adventure.

Niagara Falls has several fascinating museums for the group to explore. One of the museums is known as the Niagara Wax Museum. The museum has wax replicas of some of your favorite stars. The Niagara Aerospace Museum displays a 100 year collection of Western New York’s rich aviation and aerospace history.

When you visit Niagara Falls, your group may want to go on a tour as part of the experience. One of the options is the Maid of the Mist Boat Tour. It is a scenic boat tour of the American and Canadian Falls. Niagara Falls Walking Tours are both informative and entertaining. You will see various historic sites and listen to humorous stories from a stand-up comic and author. Another option is the Locks and Erie Canal Cruises. The team will enjoy a unique narrated two hour cruise and view many historic sites.

Niagara Falls Area Attractions

Niagara Falls Itineraries

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