Mount Hood

Welcome to Mount Hood, or as the Multnomah tribe called it originally, Wy’east. This potentially active stratovolcano is located within the Cascade Volcanic Arc in Northern Columbia_River_Gorge_(3)Oregon, sitting at a whopping 11,250 feet in elevation and 7,707 feet in stature. This mountain is considered to be the highest in all of Oregon, as well as the second most climbed in the entire world, after Mount Fuji (National Geographic). While this stratovolcano is potentially active, the last eruption it saw was back in 1907.

The first ascent on Mount Hood was taken in 1857, by a handful of locals including Henry Pittock and Wilbur Cornell. While here you and your group can see the historic marker of this event, as well as follow U.S 26 to Barlow Road and see the historic Timberline Lodge, the National Landmark dedicated to Roosevelt that was built during the Great Depression.

Trillium Lake, along Forest Road, is the absolute best place to take in sweeping views of the mountainside, and next to it is a 2 mile hike and plenty of chances to swim, canoe, or kayak along the way. Along Bluff Road you can head to the gorgeous Jonsrud Viewpoint 5-acre park, though the entire mountain area will show you the best vineyards, wildflowers, and berries, all within forests, lakes, meadows, and valleys. You can also enjoy the longest ski season on the slopes, allowing you to ski, snowboard, or snowshoe, and then ample fishing, hiking, biking, and wildlife watching down below. You can even plan a climbing excursion here if you’re feeling adventurous!

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