Missionary Trips

When planning a faith-based trip to another country there are details that the average traveler may not be aware of.  Passports and visas can be confusing.  We can provide resources that will help with clarification or help you get your travel documents.

World travel is exciting and can be life-changing when the traveler is doing the Lord’s work.   Where ever your group is flying to do mission work we always compare multiple airfare sources to ensure your group receives the lowest airfare possible.   We stay apprised of current items such as airline consolidation, airline ancillary fees, TSA regulations,  changes in technology and all that affects your world travel.

Perhaps your church group wants to book a missionary trip to one of many religious destinations, to walk in the footsteps of Jesus in Israel or visit the cathedrals of France or the sacred mountains of Egypt?   Our travel experts will help you plan a trip anywhere in the world and we will help you plan every detail.  We will  find a church at your destination so can attend services while you’re on your trip.

We are your one-stop-shop of travel professionals for your faith-based or missionary trip.

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