Parque Dos Ojos

9500855933_de05b8e119_bBienvenidos a la Parque Dos Ojos, one of the most highly visited cenotes in all of Quintana Roo. Parque Dos Ojos is located right off of Highway 307, just south of Playa del Carmen and just North of Tulum. Holding what is known as the ‘two-eyed cenote’, this entire spot is a natural park featuring several different cenotes and natural wonders. The main feature, of course, is Dos Ojos. This system of cenotes is joined together by short caves, forming the shape of two eyes, an easily understandable name choice once seen for yourself. The water reaches depths of 61 km at the deepest, creating ‘one of the longest cave systems in the world underwater'. Riviera Maya as a whole actually holds some of the most important underground rivers in the world, as well as two of the largest. The 3rd largest is Dos Ojos, totaling at 83,000 meters long.

Professionals oftentimes call Dos Ojos one of the world’s leading dive spots, due to its clear waters,phenomenal formations, and double dive opportunities. You can dive, snorkel, swim, dock, or just explore at Dos Ojos! In the entire park, you can also Zip the Tirolesas, visit the Museum of the Ice Age, or even go see the Shrine of the Jaguar. There are guides, restaurants, taxi services, lockers, dive equipment, bike rentals, and even gift shopping found at Parque Dos Ojos for additional fees, as well as more cenotes to explore, such as El Pit, Nicte-Ha, and Motz-Sai-Ha. We suggest planning a few hours here, choosing one main cenote to explore, and maybe renting a bike afterward. Be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes, your swimsuit, and of course, your camera, because this place is beautiful. 

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