Playa Paraiso

2731938152_8898753f7f_bBienvenidos a Playa Paraiso, one of the best beaches in all of Tulum! Playa Paraiso may be a bit confusing to travelers who haven’t been here before, due to the fact that it is also a major local hotel and ‘beach club’ attraction. However, you do not have to lodge in the hotel or even become a member of any certain club to enjoy this beach. The ‘beach club’ simply means there are certain amenities on the beach that cost extra money, such as the chairs, cabanas, beds, massages, food, drink, etc. It is free, though, to bring your own towel and sit in the sand all day. You can even save extra by packing your own beachside picnic or alcoholic beverages.

The beach itself is absolutely breathtaking, famous for its white sand and sparkling turquoise waters, a perfect intro to Tulum and to the Caribbean in general after your long flight! The wide beach sits just North of the Tulum Ruins, making your view even more exciting. US News reported ‘what [Playa Paraiso] doesn’t boast in seclusion it makes up for in activity’, meaning not only will you find this spot relaxing and away from all the busy tourist spots, you will also find it exciting and really fun! As mentioned before there are certain watersports, amenities, and other various activities you may pay for a while here, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, cabana lounging, and even showering!

Be sure to pay close attention to any possible red flag warnings regarding the wave safety, as well as any heavy clumps of seaweed that may have washed up onshore!

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