Most Haunted Cities in America: New Orleans

Over the years, New Orleans has earned its title of “The Most Haunted City in America”, and rightfully so!

This spooky town made its start as a French settlement in Louisiana, and over years of war-torn land, tragic deaths, and dark voodoo, it has morphed into a city of lost souls. On every streetside corner, from Bourbon Street to the French Quarter and beyond, you can find more than a few restless spirits waiting and watching.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA - August 31, 2008: Unidentified tourists and party goers enjoy the nightlife on Bourbon Street in New Orleans famous French Quarter.

Are you ready to learn the legends that whisper through the streets of New Orleans? Get ready to take a turn a dark alley and get absorbed in the stories of the past.

There are many tales that fill the city with a ghostly chill. The tale of Madame Delphine LaLaurie is one legend that will shake you to your core. Legend has it that in 1832 Mr. and Mrs. LaLaurie moved into a mansion in the French Quarter; at the time they had a dozen slaves who tended the home. In 1834, a kitchen fire led to the exposure of what the LaLaurie’s were doing in the attic of their home, behind a barred door...tying up and torturing slaves they owned. To this day it is said that those who were lost in that home still walk the grounds, some even believe that Madame LaLaurie even haunts the grounds never being able to atone for the sins that were committed.

While in New Orleans, taking a Ghost Tour that will take you to the doors of LaLaurie Mansion is a must. The current owners do not allow entry into the home, but you can get close enough that you may be able to hear the whispers of those lost in that home of horrors. This is one of many tales that can be told and the best time to hear it is during Halloween weekend.



Each Halloween weekend, the city celebrates its culture, shrouded in mischief and voodoo magic. This is a weekend one can experience the “Voodoo Music + Arts Experience”, a festival that has been taking over the City Park since 1998. The festival runs 3 days starting on Friday at sundown and ending on Sunday. During this time one can expect to experience over 65 bands ranging from locals to out of towners and nationally renowned bands, on four different stages. There will also be tarot card readings, face paintings and carnival rides! Not to mention the famous Louisiana Cruise food trucks and the Beer Dat tent. Plus extra perks if you are a VIP or Platinum ticket holder!

Are you ready to experience all of the Halloween Ghosts and Voodoo Queens? If you are, we can help you plan your weekend getaway to the “The Most Haunted City in America”.

On the lighter side of things, you can also do several family-friendly things around the spooky season here in New Orleans, take a look at all of our student-friendly options around the city, as well as our Kid-Friendly Mardi Gras guide. 

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