Group Hotel Rates

Traveling with a large number of people usually means you’ll receive the best rates on everything from airfare and motorcoach transportation, to restaurants, insurance, professional guides, and accommodations. Our travel professionals count on this when building your tour. And you can count on their experience to make it happen.

When you book a trip through, best-rates hotel fare is included in the cost to each individual. Our goal is to get your group the best rates available for everything from your transportation to the price of lunch. Hotel and resort accommodations are included in this goal. You’ve made it easy by providing the numbers – reservations specialists are excited to book a large group and usually compensate with their best price available. We make it stress-free by providing our experience in the evolving travel industry.

As we plan your tour and provide you an itinerary with every last detail considered, you can count on the best hotel rates as a part of the package.

However, perhaps you’re planning a trip on your own, and simply need help with the accommodations. It can be intimidating to face a list of accommodations and find out what will work best for your group’s needs and budget. Do you want to be close to public transportation like the subway? Or do you hope to find something close to a specific attraction? Maybe you want something outside of the city hub for more relaxation.

If you’ve planned your itinerary, day-trip, or specific event and simply need help with hotel rates, give us a chance to find the best rates available. We’ll do the leg work for you, make all the contacts, and help you narrow down the choices. Contact us today to customize the perfect group itinerary or simply to remove the stress from finding the perfect place to stay.