Group Vacation

At, we have everything you need for the perfect group vacation. Large group travel requires advance planning and extra care with details. We’ve specialized in this kind of travel planning since 1997 when we began sending groups to popular destinations like New York City and Washington DC. We can remove all the hassle from your group vacation, arranging transportation, reservations, and even providing an expert group travel guide depending on the destination and the attractions you want to see.

Exciting destinations include Orlando, Florida for Disney magic, Universal thrills, the beach, coasters, live shows, and more. Or choose New York City, NY for attractions like Rockefeller Center, Central Park, and a variety of museums perfect for every age and interest. Las Vegas, Nevada is always an adventure, taking you to another world, offering some of the best performances in the nation and unending fun. We offer a variety of other destinations and a list of popular group types to fit every need and interest. Click the pictures below for more or fill out our request form and start customizing the perfect group vacation today.

Family reunions are one of the most popular accompaniments to a group vacation. Destination reunions offer the convenience of a central location, the excitement of unique attractions like amusement parks, hiking, concert venues, and more. We have the connections for the best accommodations for any budget. We can point you to the most popular destinations or out-of-the-way spots you may not have considered. These are family reunions your family will never forget.         More…Family Reunions


Theme Tours are an exciting choice to spice up your vacation plans for any large group. Black history tours are one of the most popular themes we offer. It’s always a moving experience when you group tours the Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site in Atlanta or stands on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC where the famous activist moved the heart of a nation. Plan your vacation around Broadway or other music theater and fill every night with a live performance. Or choose architecture, art history, and so much more with these amazing themes.