Group Tours Team


Hired in 2008 as the Finance Manager, Kara has had many positions since. Six years later, Kara is now the President of the company. She has a BS in accounting and an MBA in business management, giving her a broad knowledge on how business works. Kara grew up watching both of her parents operate successful businesses of their own, which is probably the main reason the position comes so natural. As the President, she has multiple roles to fill, however she still loves working directly with her groups. Kara’s main goal for the company is “to provide a quality trip at a reasonable price”. Kara goes that extra mile for every group to make each trip easy and hassle free. Kara has a toddler at home, Kaylor, so she doesn’t have much free time. When she does have spare time, she loves to spend it with friends and family, going out on the boat, traveling, riding horses and riding 4-wheelers.


Corey is in his sixth season as a Group Travel Coordinator. During his interview he stated, “I enjoy coming to work each day and speaking with group leaders from all over the world. It has truly been my pleasure to be able to custom build trips that bring a destination to life for a student or adult. I realize that each trip may be the only time someone gets to discover a certain area or attraction so my goal is to make this the most memorable experience possible.”


Deandra is a Sales Assistant on her team with Corey! She welcomed her first child, Ryder, in the spring of 2013 to a quiet life filled with dreams. She has since added arranging play dates to her list of cherished daily activities along with her hobbies like taking photos and making the most of time with her family and friends. She sidelines as a chef and movie buff but also makes adequate time for physical fitness. Although she yearns to see the world her favorite places so far have been Florida and Chicago! In her position she has gotten to know people from all walks of life and truly enjoys discovering new places through the trips she builds.


Kendra is a Sales Assistant! Kendra married her high school sweetheart whom she has two children with, Bailey and Clinton. She enjoys fishing, hunting, BBQs and building memories with friends and family. Kendra has a double major in Ag Business and Animal Science, so she is no stranger to hard work paying off! Her favorite part of this job is speaking with many kinds of folks from all over the world and producing once in a lifetime trips for students. She strives to leave an impression and looks forward to every new challenge the company serves her. If she ever relocates you will find her beside the ocean!


Meet Heather, our newest Group Travel Coordinator! Heather looks forward to her days in the office working with groups to create the vacations they want and deserve! Aside from just learning about the destinations we promote, she is also anticipating visiting some of them with her family on cross-country RV adventures! Her position with the company has already sent her to Chicago and New York City. Heather and her husband and two children spend their time together seeing new places, attending school functions and enjoying the little things in life. Aside from photography, she also has a knack for woodworking, which has proven to be a welcome talent as she currently restores her Victorian home; more than a century old!


Liz is a Group Travel Coordinator. Liz’s personal group travel experience is very expansive! While in high school, she won a writing contest that gave her the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. with a group of students. Also, she was part of a group in college that traveled to Greece, Israel, Egypt and backpacked around Europe. When asked what her favorite part of her job is, she stated, “Working with the client to customize the trip to best suit the groups’ travel needs.” She loves the fact that she gets to help students see new places and have a great time while there. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, reading, bookbinding and playing with her cat.


Jenny is our Transportation and Hotel Specialist! In her position she has the ability to help students become travelers, and this, she says, is her favorite aspect of the job. Jenny and her husband, Corey, are expecting their third child in May and are eager to greet their second son. Jenny adores vacationing in warm climates, especially Florida where she and Corey were wed! When spending time outdoors she enjoys boating, family BBQs, swimming and dreaming of the Caribbean. A family oriented girl, she focuses on cooking healthy meals and perusing Pinterest for crafting ideas and activities her entire family can be a part of.


Raquel is our Administrative Assistant! She has one busy little boy at home whom she looks forward to teaching about the great outdoors! Raquel and her husband, Everett, partake in boating, fishing, deer and mushroom hunting and spending quality time as a family. As Raquel grows with the company she sets her goals to learning new strategies, taking on additional responsibilities and contributing as much value as she can. With a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology as well as an Associate of Arts degree, Raquel knows how to handle a workload! If she could revisit one trip in her life it would be her honeymoon in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina where she and her husband took on white water rafting and zip lining!


When Josh joined the team, he took on the duties of not only IT, but Assistant Admin. For him, this is the best of both worlds because he not only learns about new techniques and methodologies, he gets to introduce and apply them throughout his days at the office. On his own time, Josh runs a photography business and frequents a local 24 hour gym where he tunes in to the latest hits in music during a long workout. He has a background in Laser/Electro Optics which took him to Florida to begin his career. After three years down south, he returned to Missouri where he now enjoys fishing, golf, traveling with his wife, Sarah, and investing in the stock market.


Angie joined our company as Copywriter in the Fall of 2012. She spends her time away from the office on her hobby farm with her partner, Rick, and expanding her photography business, antique shopping and learning the art of homesteading. Since she stays so busy, she loves that her job provides her the opportunity to explore the world through literature. When approached regarding her favorite places to write about she responded, “Anywhere off the grid and unusual attractions like the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. I like to base my blogs on unconventional locations or things every day people can take advantage of, like 24 hours diners and phone travel apps.”


Denise has spent the last three years in office as our Finance Manager! A very well organized lady with a penchant for math, she also enjoys planning family trips with her husband, Chad, and son, Hunter! Although she has been to many parts of the country, she is still awaiting her opportunity to pack the parkas and see Alaska! When she isn’t in the office, Denise takes up gardening, reading, hunting, decorating, and attending Hunter’s many activities like soccer, T-ball, swim lessons and guitar practice! A country girl, Denise appreciates the quiet lifestyle associated with rural acreage.


Rocky is one of our Copywriters! She provides our multiple websites with up to date, quality content to ensure our customers accurate, easy to understand information. Her hobbies include wildlife photography, baking, creative writing, crafts, and focusing on returning to a more self sufficient lifestyle on her cozy country property. Her favorite part of this position is the vicarious travel! “It’s exciting to open my laptop and find out where I’m being sent for the week! Although I may not ever really go for Spring Break in Orlando or vacation in an airy Cape Cod beach house, I can still dream while assembling fabulous getaways for people looking into the destinations of their wildest fancies!”


Brandi is one of our company Copywriters! She enjoys her time at home reading, singing, playing online games, spending time with her husband and socializing with her friends. An outgoing lady, Brandi’s next goal is to visit some of the places she has begun writing about for our websites! Her favorite part of the job is that she is in the position where her writing can prove beneficial to others. She also gets to discover exciting locations and attractions that our clients love! Brandi has been totally blind since birth, and she attended the Missouri School for the Blind. Afterward, she graduated from Truman State University with a BA in English! Her pets include a service dog named Dixie she has owned for over seven years.