Fresh Find Friday -Travel Hacks

This week our Fresh Find Friday feature is extra special, presenting both a new travel vlogger to start keeping an eye on and a slew of guest travel vloggers sharing their top hacks for good, cheap, and efficient travel! As Kristen says herself, this is a blog for those who want to 'travel smarter, and cheaper'.

You will see a couple familiar faces that we have featured in our Fresh Find Friday blogs, such as Hey Nadine,  but all the information is new (and really useful for those who are on the go a lot).

Before you watch you should take some time to meet Kristen Sarah, a popular YouTube travel and style blogger who is not only amazingly well-traveled but amazingly spunky and fun to watch!

My name is Kristen Sarah, and I am an actress and adventure travel junkie.

This is an out-of-the-box, off-the-beaten-path, travel channel. I film my crazy adventures around the world, give travel tips and advice in a fun and comedic way. I also like to dress up as different characters and act out travel stories based on true events. Enjoy and happy travels.

Kristen's personal hack? Utilize your hotel mini-fridge while traveling. If there isn't one, request one, request a room switch or tell them you have a medical problem in which you need one.

Our personal favorite hack from the video? Be sure both the water and ice are fresh water while abroad. If the ice has a hole in the center of it, it is fresh, not tap water!

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