Fresh Find Friday: The Professional Hobo

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Meet Nora Dunn, otherwise known as The Professional Hobo.

In 2006 Nora decided that her job as a Certified Financial Planner in Toronto just wasn't as fulfilling as she had hoped, sold all of her belongings, and began to travel full time. Since then she has seen over 55 countries on 5 different continents. (Check out the map).

Nora has traveled through natural disasters, lived on boats, taken long-distance train treks, and has even spent 2 years as a shaman's apprentice. She has traveled solo and with partners, for fun and for a purpose, and almost every reason in between.

Dunn's blog, The Professional Hobo: Traveling Full-Time in a Financially Sustainable Way, features several different travel resources that we think are super helpful in planning your next trip, gathering inspiration to begin a trip in general, or just learn more about the travel world.

On the site, you will find a blog section featuring articles about life on the road, travel tips, finance tips, and the popular 'Week in the Life' series. Check out these blog examples below:

Financial Case Study: Hannah and Chad, Wall Street Minimalist

Nora also has several different books published and for sale, such as Tales of Transportation, How to Get Free Accommodations Around the World, and Working on the Road. She has also been featured on Conde Nast, Forbes, Global News, American Express, Business Insider, and much more. Check out this Youtube Video that gives a good example of what you can learn from Nora!

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