Blaine’s Grill and Bar

blaines gatlinburgThere’s no doubt you’ve worked up an appetite by now, which is why your next stop is Blaine’s Grill and Bar. This amazing Gatlinburg staple is located in the heart of downtown, at the corner of Parkway and the Historic Nature Trail Road, within walking distance to all downtown shops and attractions! Located in a three-story building sure to catch your eye, Blaine’s has gone for a "New Orleans approach," a unique and beautiful balcony dining experience that embraces nature and overlooks the city and mountain-filled view. Many tourists walk away from an evening at Blaine's saying that it was the "best food and views in town," making it a must-stop on your Gatlinburg getaway.

Originally this site was called Rebel Corner, a spot that infamously burned down in 1992 and has since then reopened and operated by Kirby Smith. The cafe he opened originally went under the name Ronnie Milsap’s Keyboard Cafe, but has slowly evolved from the country theme to a more modern theme, the combination of all these different themes and events has lead us to the delicious Blaine’s you'll find today.

While here you will enjoy freshly prepared meals and one of the best city views, and after 10 pm you can even enjoy Gatlinburg nightlife in the club above, Club 812. Try the fried pickle chips, sizzling spicy fajitas, or their amazing and award-winning St. Louis style spare ribs. There are even several gluten-free options as well! If you can, try to save room for dessert, their Big Orange Soak (pound cake, vanilla ice cream, mandarin oranges, and whipped cream) is out of this world with decadence and flavor!

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