The Current State of American Vacation Time

By Skift's research, half of America has not taken a single vacation day this year.

Using Google Consumer surveys, Skift came to the conclusion that since the beginning of 2014, 51 percent of Americans claimed they have not taken a day off work. 15 percent of Americans say they've taken more than 10 vacation days this year, while the rest is split between those who took fewer than 5 and those who took between 5-10 vacation days this year.

Overall, fewer women have taken vacations than men, and more Western regions have taken time off than those in the Northeast. Interestingly enough, the income-range with the least amount of vacation time is right in the middle, at $50,000 to $75,000, with the highest income range ($150,000+) taking the most vacations.

Many researchers and industry experts conclude that America needs to reform its vacation policies in the workplace. Some possible reasons for American's lack of vacation time include feeling trapped by work, needing standards for paid time off, and having a collective identity of overworking.

What does all this mean for Exploring America fans? -- it's time to take some time for yourself to travel.