Chesterfield Mall

Spend your afternoon getting in some much needed retail therapy as you and your group explore the wide expanse of shopping heaven in St. Louis at the Chesterfield Mall. This shopping center is located off of Interstate 64 and was built in 1976 by local designer Richard Jacobs. At Chesterfield you can shop all the best stores, eat a wide variety of local beloved foods at the food court, and even catch a show at the indoor AMC Theater. If you are bringing a group of younger children fear not, there is an expansive children’s play area on level one as well as a carousel and train to ride. Before you come be sure to check for any movie listings, community events, or daily deals online. If your visit is during a summer month you may get lucky with a parking lot carnival type atmosphere, so be sure to plan accordingly!

While here your group can choose from gaming, electronics, fashion, clothing, sports and fitness, cookware, jewelry, and toys as far as shopping goes, with every store from Alpha Omega Gaming to YRS Boutique and Yankee Candle Company! As far as food goes you can be sure you will leave with a full stomach, the food court and various eateries and kiosks inside pleasing even the pickiest eater's palate. Here you can start by eating a pretzel at Auntie Anne’s, going for dessert at Cheesecake Factory, or grabbing a quick lunch at Hibachi San. Be sure to stop for afresh  salad, sandwich, or drink at St. Louis Bread Co. for a true local treat, this delicious and fresh bakery style lunch spot highly popular throughout the Midwest (sometimes also called Panera Bread Co). Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes while here to fully enjoy the entire shopping complex,  as well as bring any money you may want to shop or eat with!

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