Guatemala City

Culture, entertainment, history, and nature bring you to Guatemala City, the capital of one of Central America’s best and brightest tourist destinations. The largest city in Central America, Guatemala City has all of the attractions, restaurants, landmarks, and parks to make yours the best possible vacation. Set against the scenic backdrop of mountains, ringed by forests filled with native animals, the city is not only exciting but picturesque. Get away from everyday life, get away from the tourist centers that dominate the Caribbean, and head to a place left undisturbed, a place that retains its local charms and cultural flair.

Guatemala City allows you to choose which experiences you’d like to have from a rustic and charming, small town atmosphere to big city excitement, urban developments, and tourist attractions to fill your day with thrills and sites. Nature and society mix with the city zoo, La Aurora, as a lovely wildlife collection kept on relaxing and well-maintained park grounds. The natural attractions of Guatemala City don’t end here, though. Day trips into the jungle, through Mayan ruins and lost civilizations abound and delight. Jump over to Lake Amatitlan for a refreshing swim in the placid waters surrounded by majestic volcanoes or zip line through the canopies of the rainforest and witness the jungle from a bird’s eye view.

The city itself is a burgeoning wonderland of cultural artifacts, both living and preserved. To witness living Guatemala City and observe its personality in action, visit the Central Park around which many popular attractions and parks are situated or the Mercado Central, a bustling marketplace where locals come to haggle for fresh goods. Preserved culture resides in the museums around the city including the Museo de Ferrocarril which documents the city’s involvement in early railroads and also the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology holding the country’s single largest collection of Mayan artifacts.

Be as active or relaxed as you please in Guatemala City where history surrounds your every step, culture shrouds your stay, and the comfort of being endlessly entertained lulls you into happiness. Guatemala City is the perfect destination for groups large and small seeking adventure beyond the normal confines of traditional tourist imagination. Call us today to get your dream trip started!

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