Damas Island Estuary

Damas_Island_Mangrove_EstuaryThe place in which ocean water meets fresh water is called a mangrove, a place with unique underwater root systems that typically leads into an estuary. That is exactly what your group will find here at Damas Island Estuary, otherwise known as Isla Damas. This small island is located near Quepos, a land of estuaries lined with mangroves. The term damas translates to ladies, the name of the island being this due to its resemblance to an actual woman. This Costa Rican paradise is a mere 15 minutes outside of Manuel Antonio, providing an easily accessible location for anything you have planned during your day. While here you can take part in eco-friendly and safe boat rides and tours with any one of the several bilingual and certified naturalist guides, just be sure to bring your camera (you won’t want to miss any of this natural beauty) and wear something you don’t mind getting wet in!

While on any of these boat rides you will learn all about the vegetation and habitat surrounding you, the diverse population of fauna an outstanding addition to the unbelievable views. See white-face monkeys, sloths, boas, baby crocodiles, and many different species of birds. This location is an ideal afternoon getaway, complete with an abundance of additional aquatic activities for your group to choose from. Weave through the mangroves by kayak or canoe and see the unique underwater root system up close. You will be led through protected inland waterways as well as rich tropical forest, the naturally made tunnels leading you into the calm currents of the estuaries. Don’t forget to look down and see all the oysters, sponges, stingrays, sharks, and schools of tropical fish, as well as up into the trees to interact with the many monkeys, some of whom may come and sit with you on the boat ride!

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