Museos del Banco Central de Costa Rica (Gold Museum)

Museo_del_Oro_Entrada The Museos del Banco Central de costa Rica, also known as the "Gold Museum," was established in 1950 in an extraordinary building located in the heart of San Jose. The Museum’s goal upon opening was, and still is, to manage, preserve, research, and disseminate archaeological, visual arts, and numismatics. Here your group will find permanent exhibitions and dynamic temporary exhibits relating to local heritage and history. The institution fosters public reflection on Costa Rican identity and cultural WjJF5FgODf6nHRQemKJLZU4d2Uxct2MEREZGy5yERVwheritage, making it an excellent stop for tourists and locals alike. This is truly the perfect place to go to learn something new and immerse yourself into local culture and history.

Museos Del Banco Central is oftentimes referred to as the Gold Museum, because on the q572vrTy7jLoa9M8fQ_IpD68BIya5qmhxCOXt8j1pI4eighth floor of the New Central Bank building there truly is a portion of the museum set aside for the display and education of none other than, well, gold! Not only that, but down below, in a subterranean level you will find 3,567 gold, ceramic, and stone objects in the Pre-Columbian Gold section. Discover many interesting ethnographic objects within both of these levels, around 1,586 of them dating 300-500 AD. The museum in its entirety is a milestone of 20th century Costa Rican architecture, with animal and erotic statues and replicas strewn about the grounds that speak of the design and culture immensely. Be sure to bring your camera and capture all the glorious Costa Rican culture and gold within!

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