Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Reserve

Hiking trail towards Ben’s Bluff view point in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Stann Creek, Belize

Hiking trail towards Ben’s Bluff view point in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Begin your beautiful Belizean morning at the nearby lush haven holding the world’s largest concentration of jaguars, the gorgeous Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Reserve. This nature reserve is located in the Stann Creek District of South Central Belize, a completely unique local sanctuary covering a truly spectacular 150 square miles of tropical forest land. This is the world’s only official jaguar preserve, established in 1986. Cockscomb Basin is rich in both beauty and wildlife quite obviously, as well as Maya culture. This area once held a well-concealed minor Maya ceremonial site, Chucil Baluum, a site typical of the classic Mayan period within the surrounding Cockscomb Mountain Range. Among the surrounding ranges you will also see the highest peak in all of Belize, the 3,675 foot Victoria Peak. This is truly the perfect setting for exploration and adventure!

Stroll through the majestic stands of mahogany and cedar, the 40-120 foot members of the secondary growth army that has survived past logging struggles. The mark of logging and hurricane damage on the vulnerable forest can definitely be seen, though the frequent rainy season from June to January produces 100-180 inches of nourishment. Hike by the several creeks and streams, as well as major rivers such as the Swasey, Sittee, and South Stann. While it is very unlikely that you will see a jaguar while out and about (they are masters of stealth, though they are also the third largest cat species) you will definitely see any of the over 300 species of birds! See macaws, toucans, howler monkeys, snakes, ocelots, and maybe even pumas on self guided tours of the place, or during a seriously fun guided nature walk, tour, or hike with the locals!

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