Low-Cost Faith-Based Destinations in the U.S.

While many religious pilgrimages and journeys are thought to take place overseas in places like Jerusalem, Mecca, France and beyond, many Americans don't recognize the religious wonders in their own backyard. Throughout the U.S., various religious monuments, temples, cities, and destinations make the perfect getaway for your religious or spiritual travel group.

Hsi Lai Temple in Hacienda Heights, California

Built based

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10 Affordable Last-Minute Trips in Every Region

School is just starting up, which means some of you may already be getting worn out on homework, driving the kids to the bus, or managing everyone's extracurricular activities. Maybe what you need is a quick weekend trip close to home to ease the stress away! We know all the best spots for planning a trip close to home on
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Cheap Family Reunion Ideas

When families live far apart, and you haven't seen your parents or siblings in far too long, one of the best alternatives to everyone coming to visit grandma in her small apartment is to take a family reunion vacation! More and more often these days, families are taking a trip with up to three and four generations aboard, creating a real "
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8 West Virginia Wineries You Can’t Miss

The U.S. is filled with gorgeous wine countries from coast to coast, with famous California grapes to the west and the beautiful sprawling New England landscapes to the east. California often gets the rep for best wineries and vineyards in the country, but we haven’t forgotten about the secret treasures up on the east coast! In West Virginia, several wineries claim home, many
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5 U.S. Alternatives to Trendy European Vacations

Everyone dreams of a beautiful, romantic European getaway, but sometimes there are just too many factors at hand to make a big trip like that happen -- whether it be time, money, or patience of planning a trip to a country where your language is not the first spoken. Luckily, the United States is filled with cities that are a
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