20 Best Road Trip Tunes

TOP TEN (1)Needing a new mixtape for your next long car ride? We’ve got the best mix! Kick back and pump up the jams.









1. Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root


2. Highway To Hell – AC/DC


3. Life in the Fastlane – The Eagles


4. I’ve Been Everywhere – Johnny Cash


5. Red Dirt Road – Brooks and Dunn


6. Born to Be Wild – Steppenwolf


7. Shut Up and Drive – Rhianna


8. Start Me Up – Rolling Stones


9. Mud on the Tires – Brad Paisley


10. Mustang Sally – The Commitments


11. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers


12. Life is A Highway – Tom Cochrane


13. Route 66 – The Rolling Stones


14. A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton


15. Fun, Fun, Fun – The Beach Boys


16. I Ran (So Far Away) – Flock of Seagulls


17. Runnin’ Down A Dream – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


18. Hit the Road, Jack – Ray Charles


19. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

20. Home – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

5 Best Florida Tours

cool key west

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Many think Florida is all about the ocean, but 12,000 miles rivers and streams make the Sunshine State an excellent destination for boat tours, where you can reach beautiful views invisible to any nearby road or hotel deck.


1. Tarpon Springs

Heading off from the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks, you can tour the Anclote River and hear Tarpon Springs history, hang near the gulf to spot dolphins, or hop off on Anclote Key, a white sand island reachable only by boat. The Park also has an 1887 lighthouse to explore!


2. Miami Beach Celebrity Spotting

Love tabloids and crave the latest gossip on your favorite stars? With a Miami Beach tour, you’ll get a chance to pass the shores of Fisher, Hibiscus, and Star Islands, home to Rosie O’Donnell, Shaquille O’Neal, Sean Combs, Gloria Estefan and many more. You’ll also get a great view of the Port of Miami and the giant cruise ships and massive skylines you’ll only see again on a postcard.


3. Water Taxis

To get to Halifax River and Ponce Inlet in New Smyrna Beach, a water-taxi is a must — but it also doubles as a do-it-yourself tour, letting riders hop on and off at their leisure to create their own mini-tour. Stop where you please for meals or sightseeing, such as the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse, the Marine Science Center, and many waterfront restaurants, shops and galleries.


4. The Loxahatchee River

For another destination unreachable by land, this tour starting off at Jonathon Dickson State Park in Hobe Sound takes riders  to the home of Trapper Nelson. Nelson started out living off the land as a trapper and fur trader in the 1930s, but soon turned himself and his home into one of the region’s first tourist attractions, “Trapper’s Zoo and Jungle Gardens.”


5. Key West Sunset

The daily sunset in Key West has turned into a celebration best celebrated from an offshore cruise. Choose from “all you can drink” parties with fabulous DJs and dancing, a pirate-themed swashbuckling good time aboard the Jolly II Rover schooner, or a historic ride on Florida’s “The Western Union,” built in 1939.


Secrets of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Emmy-award winning filmmaker Ken Burns spent over six years filming national parks for his new PBS series America’s Best Idea: The National Parks. 


In a recent interview with USA Today, Burns shared in a short clip his favorite aspects of the Smoky Mountains. Burns said there is “great drama” behind the park, and that it has “a human element” unlike any of the others, due to it’s history of removing towns to preserve the land.


He also states that the park’s intimacy is more rare than any others. “All you “need to do is park and get off the many, many roads of this large park and see that blue mountain haze that is part of this beautiful mythological place,” he states.


Other elements mentioned are the park’s contribution to country music and myth, the two best trails (Indian Creek & Tom’s Branch), and that famous smoky fog that allows visitors to disappear.


Watch the full video here!

Visit the Childhood Home of Johnny Cash

via CNN.com

via CNN.com

The Arkansas State University Heritage Sites have opened up a new attraction for those who want to walk the ground of one of the world’s greatest country musician’s childhood home.

The Johnny Cash Childhood Home will open this Saturday, August 16 to the public after much restoration. The home will be a step back into the 1930s, with antiques and original family artifacts preserved. Many other furnishings were donated, but were based off the time period and old photographs from the family’s home. Much of the funds for the restoration were raised by the annual Johnny Cash Music Festival in Jonesboro, contributing almost $2 million. 

Situated in Dyess, Arkansas, Johnny himself had stated that many of his songs were based off growing up in the small town. In his 1997 biography, Cash stated “Back in Arkansas, a way of life produced a certain kind of music.”

For more information on the museum, check out their website here.


National Geographic’s Traveler Photo Contest Winners

Each year, National Geographic holds a contest for all travel photographers to submit their best work to compete to be featured in a new Nat Geo issue. While thousands of incredible photos were submitted, Nat Geo has whittled it down to the best of the best. Here are some of the top shots:


“The Independence Day” via NatGeo

“Mea Shearim, Jerusalem” via NatGeo

“Diver in the Magic Kingdom” via NatGeo

“Light Source” via NatGeo

“End of the World” via NatGeo


For the full list of winners: National Geographic Traveler

Spending A Night At A Museum Is No Longer Just For Kids

via amnh.org

via amnh.org

The American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan, NY is now offering a special event for adults only.


As a means of engaging new audiences, the museum has created a special event featuring champagne tastings, live jazz, a three-course meal and the chance to snooze the night away in sleeping bags underneath the 94-foot-long Blue Whale replica hanging from the ceiling of Milstein Hall of Oceanic Life.


Children sleepovers at museums are a norm across the U.S., with more than 62,000 children enjoying a night at the museum since 2006. For adults, however, the idea of a museum sleepover is innovative and unique. Other museums who have started to latch onto this idea include the New York Rubin Museum of Art, who offers “Dream Overs” where sleepers get their dreams interpreted come morning, or the Georgia Aquarium, where guests can watch animals who are distinctly more active at night.


The new event at the American Museum of Natural History sold out in just three hours, but the museum expects to continue the tradition from here on out. Click here for more information.

Fair Time Getaways


You’re half-way through another Summer in everytown, USA; where did June go?  Time does have a way of escaping when we’re busy. Maybe you’ve managed a day out of town here and there, but that great escape just hasn’t happened.

via KansasTravel.org

via KansasTravel.org

Whether you pull off an entire week’s vacation or simply manage to sneak off for a couple of days, we all know a *big ticket*-style break  isn’t always in the cards;  that said, you need  to do SOMETHING  before the traditional Summer months have passed you by and you’re  back rooting through your Winter closet, looking for those longhandles and  fluffing up that parka. If you’re not averse to a little travel, parking in a weedy lot, milling noisy crowds,  a fuzzy purple admission stamp on the back of your hand and love the crazy kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and flavors of a dusty dog-day midway  – you may want to consider shaping a short “breather” holiday around fair time – throw  that cumbersome itinerary to the wind, strike out on your own and enjoy a  sampling of regional traditions while soaking up the sights in the “next” zipcode  – or neighboring state!

What better way to grab some time with friends and family, explore new-to-you historic landmarks and Summer scenery and enjoy plenty of down-home entertainment, great eats and crazy impulse shopping – (everyone needs a stuffed  blue tiger on a stick, right?) all without breaking the bank and absolutely at your leisure!? All across the country, Summertime is Fairtime – why not go where the dizzying blur of  carnival lights beckon and the obnoxious roar of a crowded grandstand chokes out the squawk of that needy cell phone – kick off your cares, shoulder your way through the sweet pendemonium  and chow down on dangerously delicious deep-fried, spun-sugar and double-dipped childhood treats while you play to your heart’s content!

Just because your LOCAL event has dragged up and headed down the road  doesn’t mean it’s over for the Summer; someone,  somewhere else has raised the fattest hog,  grown the biggest tomato or baked the very best  blackberry pie, ever – and folks will show up to see who got the blue ribbon this year.  The sweet language of fair time is universally spoken and understood; pity the stranger to that electric tingle of anticipation that arrives with the culmination of months of planning, growing, building, practicing, or just WAITING to push through that turnstile!  Let your travel team track down the best of the festivities wherever you care to go – County and State Fairs and annual, seasonal festivals dot the maps in every state, popping up like wildfires as temps soar, crops flourish and vacation times roll around.

via OhioStateFair

via OhioStateFair

Big name Country and Western stars and small-town upstarts, truck and tractor pulls, mutton bustin’, bull riding, team roping and barrel racing, demolition derbies, livestock judging, horseshoe tournaments, sheep dog trials, hog calling and horticulture shows, fine photography, woodworking, jewelry and crafts displays, games of chance and demonstrations of lost arts,  rows of gleaming, jewel-toned mason-jarred jams and jellies, pickles and preserves, pies, cakes and homemade fudge, proudly preserved regional traditions and that ridiculously sublime midwayfareyou just can’t  pull off at home served up piping hot and heavy on the condiments and a heaping helping of noise, dust and sugar –  all and more await fairgoers everywhere.

What’s not to love about these glorious celebrations of local agriculture, talent and tradition?  There’s just something magical about the skyline of a busy fairground  at dusk; for a few hours or a few days, the world is your oyster; you’re a kid again.  Choose one somewhere you’ve never been, pack a bag – and GO!  Get lost in the crowd at a concert,  re-home that goldfish in a bag,  grab an icy Coke and corndog and go catch yourself a classic case of ride-induced motion sickness; haven’t you earned it?




Summer Urban River Cruises

If your group is from the big city, sometimes you aren’t interested in leaving the hustle and bustle for too long. A relaxing day at the beach? But where are the sweet sirens and hoot-n-hollarers calling cabs?! We understand. You crave the busy atmosphere, and you always have. Fear not — there’s a way to keep your big-city climate while enjoying some water-themed leisure.

Many cities offer river cruises that take your travel group through your city of choice, just far enough away to see the skyscrapers but be able to take solace in a few moments of quiet. Here are five great river cruise tours that may just be the perfect short activity to break up your group’s hectic lifestyle.

St Louis River Cruise

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Gateway Arch Riverboat Cruise (St. Louis)

Hop aboard either the Tom Sawyer or the Becky Thatcher, aptly named for the characters’ trip down the Mighty Mississip’, for as low as $14 to get the best view of the Gateway Arch. Enjoy a simple hour-long daytime cruise or a romantic sunset cuisine for a Mound City getaway unlike any other.

National Mall Water Taxi (Alexandria, VA to Washington, D.C.)

Another under-$20 river cruise, this much-anticipated water taxi takes riders from the home of George Washington past American icons such as the MLK and FDR Memorials, at a safe distance from the rest of the tourists. This trip through the Smithsonian/National Mall corridor will allow you the luxury of relaxing those busy feet while still enjoying the capitol’s sites and sounds.

Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise (Chicago)

The Windy City just got a little windier on this river cruise exploring the finest architecture in the city that invented skyscrapers. At a slightly higher price than smaller cities, you get a 90-minute span through a highlight of some 50 buildings ranging from the gothic and art-deco to modern and postmodern. With this city’s status as an aesthetic masterpiece, it’s worth the price.

NYC River Cruise

via sail-nyc.com

Classic Harbor Line (New York City)

On the Schooner American 2.0, you’ll be taken through the New York-New Jersey Harbor, where you’ll pass everything from the iconic Chelsea Distric to Lady Liberty herself. This elegant liner shows you modern Manhattan is the finest way you could imagine.

Charles Riverboat Tours (Boston)

From $15, Boston tourists and dwellers alike can enjoy an hour-long narrated river cruise past monuments ranging from Beacon Hill and the elegant Back Bay quarter to America’s university titans Harvard and MIT. You’ll also enjoy picturesque views of historical Boston architecture.


Art Tours: Mural Art in San Francisco

The City By the Bay is a favorite destination for travelers the world over; its fantastic sights, sounds and smells treat groups on West Coast excursion to a veritable feast for the senses at every turn. A richly diverse historic center of vibrant culture, color and creativity, San Francisco is happy home to a thriving multi-ethnic population, and her neighborhoods serve as virtual gritty open air art galleries, where ashen city walls become free canvas, and the bared souls of artists from all walks of life are personified in grand fashion in brilliantly moving and eclectic renderings, a gutsy timeline of the ages and an ever- changing mural art exhibit, free for the walking!

Mural Art in San Francisco

via sanfrancisco.about.com

The Mission District is best known for hosting the most expansive collection of thought-provoking mural art in San Francisco, with Balmy Alley and Clarion Alley notorious venues. There are hundreds of plein air frescos around the City for fledgling connoisseurs to interpret; some may prove challenging, even cryptic or wry, while others speak bold messages to all who would listen. A number of important works by acclaimed artists reside indoors, protected from elemental assault, and a select few will require a bit of hunting to rouse from the understory of the bustling city; most bravely face the tops and bottoms of each new day, nodding at the mid-morning fog shouldering its way through the cityscape, and again with a survivor’s resignation at the setting of the tangelo sun into the vast, blue Pacific, tendering individual, gripping, blatant and beautiful messages of hope, social and political concern, change, growth, movement, endurance, love, peace, faith, joy, anger, angst and sorrow that touch us all in different but equally important ways as inconstant light re-interprets each vivid plane before dancing into the next hour and shadows fall across the many magical murals of San Francisco.


Faith Tours: Smoky Mountain Christian Village

Faith Tours Smoky Mountain Christian Village

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In today’s uncertain social climate, where change – even upheaval – seems the norm and tradition and dedication is oftentimes discarded in favor of what is convenient or “of the hour”…our faith can be neglected and perhaps even diluted in the fray of the day-to-day, however unintentionally. It is then that a time of refreshing becomes necessary , away from the secular bent, and we heartily seek spiritual, physical and emotional rejuvenation; what better place to shake off that world-weariness and recover your bearings than in a restorative, healthy and inspirational natural setting, in God’s own cathedral: the great, unspoiled outdoors?

Faith tour groups of all sizes in search of such a haven will truly enjoy a stay at secluded and serene Smoky Mountain Christian Village. Ideally located just a few short miles from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Village affords guest an ideal opportunity to base an exciting, entertaining and wholesome vacation itinerary around their stay in clean, cozy and well-appointed mountain chalets, rather than a ho-hum stay around a so-so itinerary.

A few days’ respite at the unique 44 acre, alcohol-free campus and ministry space loaded with recreational opportunities like swimming, horseshoes, basketball, volleyball, a ropes course, paintball and hiking, as well as downtime spent around a cozy, crackling campfire provides a perfect opportunity for personal reflection and fantastic fellowship, while an array of optional, exciting and challenging daytime family and group adventure packages keep guests on the go from sunup to sundown!

Relax away from the hubbub of noisy airports and the deafening din of downtown traffic knowing your homey cabin with its own spotless propane grill and shining, fully equipped kitchen is just minutes away from great groceries, fantastic shopping and dining, and local attractions and historic landmarks like the Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center, Smoky Mountains Ziplines and Canopy Tours, Forbidden Caverns, Dollywood and Dollywood Waterpark , Christ in the Smokies, Ripley’s Aquarium, Tanger Outlets, The Apple Barn Cider Mill (famous for its wonderful breakfasts, candy factory and creamery!) the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, the Elkmont and Roaring Fork historic districts, the Great Smokey Mountain Arts and Crafts Community and so much more!

Let Adventure Student Travel do the legwork; all you have to do is show up, unpack, set down your cares, and nestle into the sweet shelter of some of the oldest mountains in the world, where you’re free to explore the rich history and heritage of the region’s distinctive culture and experience the splendor and majesty of some of God’s finest work. Mountain Christian Village’s mission is this: to know Christ and make Him known by providing sacred space for groups and families to enjoy the presence of God and fellowship with one another; pastors are on staff for all your group’s ministry and prayer needs.