6 Things You Forget to do Before Travelling

If you are getting ready to leave on that big trip this holiday season it is very likely that your head is in a frenzy, full of things you need to pack, things you need to shut off, and people you need to talk to before leaving. Preparing for a trip can be rough, and if you are human it is highly likely you may forget something, so why not let us help make it easier with this quick and easy list of 6 Things You Forget to Do Before Travelling, both nationally and internationally!

Travelling Nationally:

  • Contact Kennel/ House Sitter. If you have a few furry friends in your home who need taken care of while you are away be sure to contact your local kennel for openings ahead of time. Also if you have plants, small pets, or other household items that need watched over be sure to contact a house sitter with plenty of time to spare before the trip!
  • Stop Orders and Advanced Payments. In order to stay ahead on day-to-day happenings at home prepare all bills, landscaping services, and postal service arrangements in advance.
  • Manage Cash Flow. To save some time upon arrival be sure to have all cash necessary ready and all bank cards informed of your trip.
  • Make First and Last Day Plans. Be sure to plan out your first day, as well as your last day of travel carefully and know exactly where you are going before you get there. Before you come home make a "last day" packet full of car keys, house keys, travel documents, and any needed cash as well.
  • Web Search Location of Travel. It oftentimes make travel much easier to know the area in which you will be exploring, as far as public transit options and maps go, local weather, and local events/entertainment goes.
  • Share Travel Info. It is better to play it safe and inform family or friends exactly where you will be staying in case of an emergency. So try to give a trustworthy person the number of your airline and hotel room, and also save them into your own phone.

Travelling Internationally: (These are things that may need to be done in addition to the items previously mentioned.)

  • Check Passport and Apply for Visas. Make sure your passport is up to date and that you have all necessary visas for overseas you may possibly need.
  • Vaccinate and Medicate. Depending on where you are going it may be necessary to get caught up on all vaccinations and stock up on daily-used or area-recommended medication.
  • International Driving Permit. If you plan to be across the pond long enough to take advantage of a vehicle be sure to grab your international driving permit before going.
  • Electronic Gear Adaptors. Many gadgets require adapters or transformers for foreign sockets to adjust to the higher or lower current used, so do some research and grab what you may need before leaving.
  • Learn Key Phrases. If you are going to a country in which a different language than which you are familiar is spoken be sure to learn at least the key phrases to help you if you are lost, need public transportation, or need to order food.