The 5 Worst Travel Myths


If you were raised in America, chances are your parents instilled in you at a young age a slight fear of traveling abroad. The unknown can be scary, and their intent was innocent.

But now that you've grown, it's time to shake that old mindset and get out on the road, by avoiding at all costs these 5 travel myths.


1. "The food will make you sick."

- Use common sense. If it looks questionable, don't eat it, but otherwise you'll probably be fine.

- Eat where the locals eat. Just because we're from different countries doens't mean we have different immune systems -- if they're eating it, you can eat it.

- If you're still unsure, take advice from food guru Anthony Bourdain - "Isn't it worth risking one night on the thunder bucket for the best meal of your life?"
2. "Don't ever travel alone, especially if you're a woman."

- The mainstream media has done a good job of making us fear locals are waiting just outside the airport to capture us and sell us. Not quite.

- Aside from obvious places of conflict (the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa), people in other countries are just like us. When is the last time you waited outside the airport to ransack a tourist?

- Be just as aware as you would be on a New York City street at night. Be alert but still enjoy yourself.


3. "You shouldn't want to leave the U.S."

- Curiosity rarely actually kills the cat.

- You'll never know if your country is truly the best unless you've checked out a few others.

- Travel is the only way to truly experience the world.


4. "You can't afford to travel."

- Talk to digital nomads and see how they make ends meet

- Get a job while abroad, following this advice.

- Know where you can save, and where you should splurge.


5. "Traveling for extended periods of time is irresponsible."

- There will never be a perfect time for travel. It's up to you to make the time.

- Has anyone in history really ever regretted quitting their job to experience the world?