10 Tips for Saving Money at Universal Studios Orlando

One of the most family-friendly and fun-filled experiences you can have this season is a trip to Universal Studios Orlando, but it could also easily add up to be one of the most pricey and budget-breaking. Between buying meals for your family and paying for trinkets and souvenirs along the way, your overall trip cost can skyrocket quickly, and that’s not even considering transportation and park admission.

There is no reason your group should miss out on all the Florida fun this year purely due to budget issues, however, especially when there are plenty of ways you can save during your trip.

Use these 10 helpful tips from our travel experts and enjoy all the Harry Potter and Minion-filled fun you can without breaking the bank this year!

  1. Consider Vacation Packages
    Vacation packages allow your group to bundle your hotel and theme park admission into a discounted price and enjoy park perks such as hour early admission.

  2. Grab a Dining Plan
    Much like the vacation packages, these all-inclusive dining plans allow your group to save money by utilizing a pre-packaged meal plan for the day. With the purchase of a vacation package, you can enjoy 1 full-service meal, quick service meal, snack, and refillable beverage cup, and without a vacation package, you can still get the same only without the full-service meal. Packages start as low as $22.99. 
  3. Drive Instead of Fly
    You can save money before you even get to the park by considering driving to Orlando rather than flying. It is always considerably cheaper to pay for a few tanks of gas than a family or large groups’ airfare. 
  4. Book an onsite Hotel
    Most resorts onsite at Universal have park admission combo discounts, as well as various perks such as early admission. For example, Cabana Bay Beach Resort partners with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for early admission with your stay. 
  5. Visit During the Slow Season
    If it works out with your schedule be sure to try to book your Universal stay during the offseason. Day passes will be cheaper and crowds will be much thinner. 
  6. Stay Several Days
    The price of a single day pass to the park can start at around $165, whereas a multi-day pass starts at only $92 a day. The overall savings percentage when booking 3 or more days is well worth it, plus who doesn’t want to stay on vacation just a little bit longer? 
  7. Utilize Coupon Book
    When you purchase a multi-day ticket or any ticket online (online ticket prices are always lower than day-of gate purchases) you will receive a Coupon Book, which holds up to $150 worth of savings at various shops, hotels, restaurants, and CityWalk venues. 
  8. Take advantage of CityWalk Discounts
    CityWalk offers various discount budget packages such as the Party Pass and Meal or Movie and Meal tickets, which give guests a considerable discount on entertainment and dining while here. 
  9. Plan a Souvenir Budget
    Many people go a little overboard when it comes to souvenirs and trinkets here at Universal, so it is wise to pre-set a souvenir and gift budget before you arrive. Waiting until the last day of your trip and choosing only souvenirs that capture your experience the best versus exciting spur of the moment purchases will always save you money. 
  10. Utilize hotel Kitchenettes and Snacks
    Most resorts and hotels nearby will have kitchenettes available for use, which we highly suggest using with your group. Hit the grocery store and buy a few easy to make meals for your trip, this will save a lot of money at the parks. Packing snacks and refillable water bottles for the parks will also save you a bundle.

Universal Studios Pixabay Public Domain